Want to know Everything about Genealogy? Follow this Guide!

Learning your family history is the key to unlock ‘Who You Are…’

Genealogy is mysterious and if you have decided to discover your ancestry this guide will be more than helpful. You might have heard stories about your ancestor being a warrior. What’s true what’s not can be found by taking a hand of a genealogist.

But, before you start your journey to the past, knowing everything about family tree is crucial.

So fasten up yourself and let’s begin this useful guide!

1. Do you Actually Need it?

The foremost step towards handling a Genealogy project is whether or not you want it. You might be wrong if you think that Genealogy ahs positive results always. You might either fall flat on your face or get a good start. So you must be prepared for the results. It’s not necessary that if your friend’s ancestry results are great then your result would be good too. You could be the decedent of a king or a criminal. So ensure if you are actually ready for it.

2. What’s Up with Genealogy & Heritage?

Genealogy is all about finding your family tree by searching everything through history. It was first used in the 14th century. Later, the family tree was depicted in painting form that you can see in many historical places and temples. Slowly, it attained worldwide popularity and everyone started to find their roots. That’s how Genealogy broadened in the past years and now is used for various purposes.

3. What are your Goals?

The crucial aspect to consider for genealogy is the ‘Motive.’ There could be numerous reasons to go for a family tree such as property possession, resolving a criminal case, etc. So while you are somewhere in the between of your genealogy process, evaluate whether or not it’s meeting your goal or how far you are from attaining the expected result.

4. Information Preservation

The pillar of Genealogy is the information. It could be some paper documents, pictures, or a word of mouth. So whatever information you gather, keep it safe and sorted until you reach the final step of your genealogy process. You can also record everything in a video so that not even single information is forgotten. Apart from finding where the ancestor lived, start finding their lifestyle, which could be a clue to your next information.

5. Re-Evaluate your Goals

Even if you have enough information and you feel like you are near to your goal, study the gathered information, and evaluate the goal all over again (in case of any changes). Of course, there nothing like ‘enough’ while you are researching. So never stop with just one or two information.

6. Look for More Information

Now that you have evaluated your motives, gather more and more information. The availability of gigantic information will help you connect the genealogy enigma. But don’t just grab anything you get. The information must be useful to attain your goals.

After knowing all of it, do you want to go for Genealogy? If your answer is yes, there are abundant family historians who have excellence and intellects to find your family tree.

So collaborate with such experts now!

How Genealogy is the Future of Crime Investigation?

You are a crime case investigator. You reached the crime scene and found a hair, which is not of the victim. What would you do? “Genealogy DNA test is the best idea to find the criminal,” you thought inside your head. You did it and successfully got your hands on the culprit.

In this same way, many police and crime scene investigators are relying on Genealogy Technique, not to find the ancestry of the suspects but to find the real criminal.

How genealogy has become the game changer in crime investigation? Why many crime departments are looking forward to genealogy? You will find out all of it right now!

Family Connections

There might have been numerous cases in history, which are still unsolved. Genealogy can lead to the criminal that might have been hiding in the dark for years. Finding even a small body part such as hair can be tested and matched with the DNA of suspects or any of the genetic family members of the suspect. In many countries, the genetic database is safeguarded in government’s closets. So, that database can attach many unconnected facets of a case. From the history to the present, genealogy will help to catch the criminals through family ties.

DNA Tests

As we already know, many investigation branches endorsing genealogy for its perfection as the GED test reports are 99.9% true. That’s why; even the court also trusts Genealogy Technique. Moreover, genealogic testing requires raw DNA data only. Therefore, there are fewer chances of delay. DNA testing through Genealogy would avoid investigating people needlessly. The authorities do not have to visit various suspects for their statements or any clue. A single genealogy test is enough to find the culprit. In addition, it maintains the privacy of the people connected to the crime scene. The DNA test will also protect you in case of defrauds as well. So do you want to stay safe with Genealogy’s DNA tests?

The Right Dilemma

Many people have this dilemma that Genealogy might include contamination (deliberate or accidental). Some think that Genealogy has loopholes in between the processes. But factually, only a few chances of inaccuracy are there. The final result goes through n-numbers of tests, which ensures that the throughput is precise. Nevertheless, if not the criminal, it will lead to genetic relatives who might know the location of the culprit. Various minds have various dilemmas. All can be resolved by giving genealogy a try or by simply consulting the experts.

Final Thoughts

Genealogy Technology is one of the purest and fastest ways to resolve even the most complex criminal cases. However, its strict implementation by various investigators is still contradictory. That’s why genealogy is considered to be the Future of Crime Investigation!

So would you prefer Genealogy for your case?

Genealogy – Are there any Tangible Benefits?

Genealogy, a study or technique full of curiosity and adventure to which you can be obsessed, can be your magic dust to depict your ancestry. People have their own reasons to opt for Genealogy like some do it for their religion discovery and others just want to have an adventurous trip to their history.

If you ever wonder how Genealogy can be a crucial practice, knowing its factual benefits is a no-brainer.

Following is the prime perks of Genealogy that anybody can benefit from.

So what’s the delay? Let’s dive into the benefits!

Medical History

We all know that many medical conditions pass out through genes. Knowing the medical concerns of your grand or great grandparents isn’t just enough. If your great-great-great grandfather had diabetes, the chances of you too having it are there. Hence, knowing everything about your ancestors is vital in every possible way.

Property Dispute

Many people have lost their dispute over properties because of the absence of any concrete proof of being a claimer. Having genealogy at the place will help you with a property dispute. Moreover, you might get lucky to discover any unidentified property of your ancestors on which you can claim. So why not take the most out of Genealogy?

Spiritual Religious Customs

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, one cannot live without a spiritual life.The biggest motive of genealogy is to connect you with your true religion. You might have been stuck in your thoughts of choosing a religion. You might not be feeling centered in your particular religion. Well, by taking a hand of Genealogy, you can claim for what’s yours.

Incest Avoidance

Weird, yet true! Many people get attracted to their first, second or third cousins. Apart from medical tribulations, there are various social stigmas appended to marrying family member that can ruin your both professional and personal life. So it’s better to learn everything about your family tree and stay happy forever.

Most of All…

Family Legends

Researching your family’s history can unleash old folklore. Who knows what surprise the genealogy will come with? Perhaps, you are the descendant of any mythological legend. In addition, you can get clarity of your family stories of adventure of your ancestors. That’s how you would make your coming generations believe the stories that are actually real.

Well, these are a few of the benefits. You can find your own by going for genealogy today!

Where did your Pooch come from? The Role of Genealogy

Dogs are the bundle of joy wrapped inside the fur.

Our four-legged friends have been serving their loyalty for almost 10,000 years. In all these years, abundant transformations in terms of size, height, behavior, and colors took place. Despite our utmost love to our pooch and close relationship, some Genealogical factors always keep on surprising humankind.

How Genealogy is related to your pooch and its behavior? You will get to know it right here and right now.

Strengthen the bond with your tail-wagger with Genealogy perks.

So take a step ahead to discover everything about your dog!

Behavior Understanding

Dogs know how to heal your wounds without saying a word.

Your dog’s personality and quirks can be explained on their ancestry. You might have found your pooch digging for hours or barking for no reason. Such behaviors have a deep connection with their ancestors. Some dog breeds are not even close to being matched with their ancestors such as Fox Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Poodle, Great Dane, and St. Bernard. So by discovering ancestors of a particular breed, you can get to know why your dog is behaving in a certain way.

Health Hazards

By choosing Genealogy, one can be prepared for possible health threats such as cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes for a particular breed. There could be certain health problems that might have affected many successors. So by figuring that out, you can keep your furry friend away from diseases and other health problems.

Moreover, you can predict the age of your pooch and ensure to make it as joyful as possible. Perhaps, that’s why they teach us that life is too short to be unhappy. Live it to the fullest!

Accurate Weight Prediction

You can look back in time and tell that there has been a drastic change in many dog’s heights. A Genealogy expert can tell what should be the right height of your pooch depending on his/her family tree. Also, how healthy your dog should be, will also rely on that study.

Dog genealogy becomes crucial when it comes to purebred dogs. It defines how breeding participated in history. By taking certain DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid), owners can be assisted to disclose the dog’s genetic multiplicity.

Wrapping Up

Genealogy can be a magic stick to keep your pooch hale and hearty. By knowing what’s good what’s not, you will make your bud’s life blissful. So consult experts for your pup now!


Gotcha! 5 Genealogy Myths & Fibs Busted

You might have been people saying that “my great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess” or “my ancestor’s surname was changed at Ellis Island.” Right? What if I tell you these are misperceptions, assumed by people for years? Well, the internet has to play the biggest role in that. Well, today, we will expose the truth muffled underneath these myths and fibs.

So let’s uncover everything layer by layer!

Myth 1: Descendent of Indian Princess

We all have grown listening to the stories of Indian – frequently, Cherokee – are most common. Well, it’s true that most of the Americans are evolved from Indians but not particularly from a princess. In fact, according to some studies, there hardly has been a concept of royalty in Indian tribes. So if somebody tells you about Indian princess ancestry, you know the truth.

Myth 2: Involvement with 3 Immigrant Brothers

Hardly there have been people who haven’t heard about three immigrant brothers. They were immigrated to the USA and separated. However, aphorisms have no particular proof of their named or appearances. Well, the truth is suspicious so as the claims of their ancestries. So, if someone tells you about this story; do your research and go with the facts.

Myth 3: Courthouse on fire

Many of us might have called county courthouse about the deed or will, just to hear “in the late 1800s the courthouse was burnt and all the records are gone”? Fire, flood and various other catastrophes were common, particularly in the South region, where the civilian raged the war. But ‘records lost in the fire’ isn’t the complete legitimacy. Even if the records from courthouse are lost, what about other documents for say, church baptismal in which birth of your grandfather has been registered?

Myth 4: Family Crest

People, often, use a term, ‘crest’ interchangeably with the coat of arms. It’s in fact, a component of the coat of arms. However, neither of these belongs to a surname. Instead, a coat of arms right is transferable only to the male descendant of the family. So to claim a coat of arm, firstly you have to be a male.

Myth 5: Only Professionals can have Source Citations

“I am doing family-tree evolution just for fun. Is it obligatory to go through monotonous of citation sources?” The answer is – YES! Genealogy information records can be beneficial for n-numbers of benefits and some of which are:

  • It will give you nights without worries of knowing who was your great-great-grandpa
  • It saves time as you don’t have to start from scratch to find new information
  • It helps to figure out the reliability of the gathered records

The Verdict

Discover your family history by using progressive technology instead of believing in myths. Just choose your family-tree, go with the facts and proofs, and know where you belong in this crowded world.

So let the journey begins!

Famous Celebrity Ancestries That Will Shock You

Do you ever look at your family photograph and wonder “how on earth am I related to this family?” “Who were my ancestors?” “To which region did they belong?” Well, you are not alone! Many of our favorite celebrities have felt the same. That’s why they chose ‘Genealogy Technology’ to discover their family tree.

Today, you’ll take a deep dive into some of the celebrity’s lives to astonish yourself how they are related to their ancestors. Believe it or not, this information will make you want to find your family tree as well.

So buckle-up yourself and let’s get started!

Britney Spears: Abs of Steel

Britney Spears has always been under the scrutiny of media through her entire life and for a good reason. Apart from her majestic voice and alluring beauty, Britney has succeeded to attain the attention of everyone for her muscular abs. When you explore her family tree, you can understand why.

Her strength comes from her iconic ancestors – famed Pilot Amelia Earhart, angelic Marilyn Monroe, Oscar winner Meryl Streep, and late Princess Diana. Taking into account these influential and famed women, one can easily tell that this femme fatale is simply in her zone.

Kim Kardashian: Creativity Runs in Blood

The reality TV show queen Kim Kardashian is the epitome of beauty with brains. Apart from that, her writing skills showcase her ingenious brain all packed inside her book ‘Selfish’ and why not! All Kardashian sisters are related to a famous author Louisa May Alcott. So from where Kim got her writing skills is a no-brainer.

Robert Pattinson: The Vampire Lineage

Well, probably. One vampire can never be so stunning and appealing like Robert Pattinson. He has done many movies, but his role in Twilight is beyond perfection. Genealogists explored his family history and surprisingly came up with the fact that Robert has a family connection with Vlad the Impaler, a royal personality who inspired Bram Stoker for his novel Dracula. Perhaps, that’s the reason for him playing a vampire so lively.

Meghan Markle: Still a Princess with or without Prince

Meghan Markel may have married a prince, but in reality, she already has royal relatives in her family tree. Many genealogists have revealed that she is the descendant of King Edward III. Therefore, the maximum of American history is reflected in her miscellaneous lineage. Moreover, Meghan Markle is related to U.S. presidents George W. Bush, George H.W, Richard Nixon, and Calvin Coolidge. So bow down to the princess!

Bonus – President Donald Trump

Of course, he is famous and a president of the United States, but his luxurious life hasn’t happened by chance. Many Genealogists have found his royal pedigree, which states Trump is the successor of Scandinavian Royalty. King Christian I of Denmark, Sweden, & Norway, Guðni and King V. Hence, his leadership quality directly comes from his many royal ancestors.

So why don’t you find out your Family Tree. Who knows which president or royal king comes up as your ancestor?