Family Reunion? Use these Tips to Impress Everyone

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s sweet memories. Family Reunions bring everyone together and make the bond even stronger. You might have cousins that you last met in your childhood. Planning a day to bring everyone together at the same place will help you to get closer to your loved ones and have the best time of your life.

So let’s dive in!

  • Send the Tree Chart to Everyone

Whether you are in-charge of this reunion or not, don’t forget to create a list of addresses whom you have invited to the event. Mail or e-mail them at least three generation map to fill and bring along to the reunion. In case, any of your relative is unable to make it to your event, ask them to mail/e-mail you the map. The reason behind this family map is that you can use this information to know more about your relatives and how even they are related to you.

  • Ask Everyone to Bring their Old Photos

You never know who is going to have the precious photo of ancestors you never met or see. You also never know which photograph can help you to recognize an unknown ancestor in your family pictures. Oh! And don’t forget to keep a scanner at the place because people might want to keep the pictures of each other’s ancestors for the sake of symbol of love.

  • Ask Everyone to Send you Family Recipes

Food is that one aspect, which everyone seeks interest in. Or, you can say – Laughter is brightest when the food is BEST. To cook scrumptious food at this happening event, ask everyone to send you their family recipes. You can cook everyone’s family recipes and make them feel like home. Also, they will be overwhelmed by seeing traditional food on the table.

  • Plan the Reunion where Common Ancestors Lived

Nothing is better than planning family reunion where the common ancestors once used to live. And if any of your relatives are still living at that place, they will happily be welcome you to reconnect with everyone. Moreover, you can take a trip to the community hall, church, park, or even the entire town with your relatives where all your ancestors used to visit most often.

There you are! All set to bring families together and reconnect the old strings of love.

These tips are going to give you memorable moments with your relatives and they will remember this union for years.

How Long Will You Live? Genealogy Will Tell You !

Have you ever wished to know when will you die? Well, we all have wished the same at some point in our lives. But it just stays in our wish-list because it’s not scientifically possible to predict how long will a person live. Not when you have Genealogy by your side. By considering genealogy’s certain aspects; your life span can be predicted.

How does it work? Find out below!

Telomere Length

Telomere is the DNA strands present at its ends. These caps protect DNA cells from any harm and keep it safe and sound. To simply put, stronger the telomere, the longer you will live. The telomere size can be varied by making some changes in your lifestyle and what you are putting inside your body. Some effective steps to enhance your telomere include – using maca root, consuming astragalus, working out, and reducing stress.

Oxidation Prevention

Some people have the capability to reduce radical naturally. And many of us are blessed with the capability to reuse their antioxidants over and over again. This enhances their lineage and effectiveness. If you too want to minimize oxidation just reduce the cortisol along with the stress. In addition, you can take antioxidants and vitamin-c rich, vitamin-E, alpha lipoic acid, and astaxanthin food. Melatonin has also proven to be a strong antioxidant. This hormone reduces stress on a high-level.

Natural Defense Development

People whose ancestors had serious diseases might have a poor immune system. That’s because of the virus or bacteria transfer generations to generations. If genealogy finds any sign of conical disease in your ancestry, chances of you having the same diseases in the future are a bit high. You can undo that by developing a strong defense mechanism. Consume a high amount of vitamin-c, vitamin-D and drink plenty of water. Also, don’t forget to take at least 8-hours sleep.

DNA Testing

Of course, DNA testing is the only scientific way through which you can find out your current health condition and predict future health issues. Besides, you can get your DNA tested and get a suitable fitness plan along with diet plan as well.

It’s better you look back at your ancestry and make crucial changes in your lifestyle than to over-think about your future health.

Four Times When Genealogy Broke the Historical Mysteries

Genealogy solved a new mystery” has always been in headlines. Genealogical DNA testing has fast-forwarded the case resolving capabilities with advanced technologies in the past years. Check out our list of some controversial mysteries those were solved using genealogy:

#1. Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia

The legend of Princess Anastasia was a rumored escape of the royal Russian family in 1918. In 1991, Romanians used to believe that they belong to Romanovs, discovered in Yekaterinburg. But no claim is true without proof. The genealogists reached out to Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth II’s husband) for help. Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh is the grand nephew of Tsarina (Anastasia’s mother). Philip’s Mitochondrial DNA matched to the found bodies. Every Romanov family member was accounted, counting Anastasia. Hence proved, she hadn’t escaped, but been put to death with the entire family.

#2. Abraham Lincoln’s Mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln

The U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s ancestry has been the massive piece of historian’s debate. Nancy Hanks was an illegitimate child of Lucy Hanks. In 2015, a bunch of genealogists undertook the responsibility to unwrap the truth through, again, Mitochondrial DNA test of Hanks descendants. This test proved that Ann Lee and Joseph Hanks were the maternal grandparents of Abraham Lincoln. Genealogy solved another mystery!

#3. Secret Second Family of Charles Lindbergh

The Germany brothers, Dyrk, David, and Astrid Bouteuil, had always known their father as a mystery man named Careu Kent until 1974. They found his true identity to be Charles Lindbergh. He was the first to cross Atlantic solo that too by plane. In 2003, the families were reunited with the help of genealogy. That’s why people call genealogy the relationship creator.

#4. Warren G Harding’s Child Love

Another U.S. president with another mystery! The Blessing family said that they are the descendants of US President Warren G Harding as their ancestor, Nancy Briton, had an affair with him. The love letters passed from generations to generations but the truth was unclear. Finally, a DNA test took this mystery out of the dark and it came out that Elizabeth was Harding’s daughter. That’s how genealogy never fails to surprise us!

These mysteries had never been easy to solve without genealogy. So why don’t you use this amazing technique to find your roots and unleash the truth?

Top Reasons why you should join Genealogical Society?

But my ancestors don’t belong to this area, so why should I join this local genealogy society? ” No matter where are you from, and where are you putting up, genealogy can link you to your ancestors anywhere. Little did someone know where their forebears have been living 100 years ago? If you want to find the true and accurate genealogy results, it’s advisory to join the local genealogical society regardless of your grand parent’s or your own birth place.

How a simple genealogical society can impact your research? Well, the below reasons will help you to understand that:

Reason 1. You are not Alone

When you start exploring through history, everything seems interesting, but you might feel disappointed when nothing goes the way you were thinking. Well, that’s what genealogy is all about. Having in a group of people who are walking the same road as yours is the best way to stay away from disappointments. In fact, you can share your experience and tactics with others as well.

Reason 2. Learn New Research Skills

Weekly or monthly meetings are helpful to understand how others are making the research map and if their technique can take near to your goal. As everyone has various ways to go ahead with genealogy research, you can combine your strategies with others in order to speed up the processes. In addition, experienced genealogists can help you with the old handwriting and symbols.

Reason 3. Experience with New Record Types

Others knowledge can light your candle. The current record types are a bit tricky to understand and decode. Perhaps, someone from your genealogy group knows the whole lot about new records. This will not just solve your problem, but also enhance your skills. So taking help of experienced ones for your family-tree search is helpful in every possible way.

Reason 4. Develop Relationships

You get your bond with other members strengthen by communicating with everyone in the group. They can help you on the biggest level and you would get the most accurate results when everyone’s knowledge combines with you.

Genealogy is full of surprises. Conceivably, you might not find your cousin, but somebody else might. Your research area could be the same as others and your resources can lead others towards their relatives.

Final Thoughts…

No matter where you live, genealogy will come to anyway. All you need to do is just try by joining the company of other genealogists.

3 Easy Steps to Tell Whether the Genealogy Data Is True

Believe or not, there is a lot of mist in the air regarding genealogy, many blindly believe in it while some have great uncertainty about the findings of the Genealogy science. So, are there any ways to conclude whether the information obtained from drawing your family tree is correct or not. To your good fortune, there are three proven ways to make that happen-

1. Is the Information Found On More Than One Set of Records?

This is straightforward to determine whether the information is obtained is true or not. Since, a lot depends on the finding of the Genealogy tree, devote time & efforts to check the authenticity of the data. If the information such as the ancestor relationships are there on various data sets, then the chances are that information is right, based on the records.

2. Your Research Coincides With The Research of the Genealogy Expert

A theoretic means to draw an idea about the relationship authenticity is make ascertain that the information gathered by you via through research is matching with the data obtained by the Genealogy specialist. An experienced have worked on your ancestor history, but not longer than you. So, compare the research history to deduce the truth.

3. DNA History Is A dependable Method

If possible tell whether the Genealogy data gathered from the drawing the family tree is true, do the DNA test. DNA testing is a scientifically proven method to provide and disprove any family blood relationship. So, without a doubt, this is the most conclusive means to confirm the data. While, the DNA test won’t tell the exact names of the specific ancestors, but you would able to gather maximum information.

To Wrap Up

Sometimes, in Genealogy ancestor research you got to keep faith over the lack of practical evidences.

Celebrities with Russian Roots – The Game of Genealogy!

Genealogy has never failed to shock us from the end results. In fact, many celebrities have come to know about their roots and were totally surprised with it. Well-known celebrities and politicians have their familial roots in Russia.

Below are the celebrities whose name could be surprising to be in this catalog.

So hold back! We are about to reveal those celebrities who are actually Russian.

#1: Nick Clegg

The politician Nick Clegg is a former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK 2010-15. Apart from that, Sir Nicholas William Peter Clegg has Russian Ancestry. His grandmother Baroness Kira Von Engelhardt was a Russian aristocracy member who fled St. Petersburg after Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Moreover, Countess Moura, Clegg’s great aunt was also a Russian, who the British government suspected a spy for years.

#2: Joaquin Phoenix

What? Shocked? Joaquin Phoenix seems to have no connection with Russia, if that’s what your mind saying right now, you should make it ready for the biggest precision. You might not get an idea from Joaquin’s name of being Russian, but his mother came from a Russian and Hungarian Jewish family. That’s how your favorite Joker is Russian!

#3: Pamela Anderson

The Playboy model and Baywatcher was unaware of being Russian. Her great-grandfather was born in Finland, which at that time was a part of Russia. In fact, her great-grandmother was also Russian. Pamela’s family lived in a lie that they were Dutch but everything changed after knowing the truth. Perhaps, that’s what called destiny!

#4: Leonardo Dicaprio

The heart stealer and an Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, as the surname gives you a hint, is a Russian. Besides, her grandmother from his mother’s side was born Russian. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin called DiCaprio “a real man” or in Russian “muzhik.” Leonardo set up his own environmental protection foundation in Russia in 1998. The major motive of this foundation was to save Amor Tigers and the summit was hosted by Putin himself.

Wrapping Up

See! Genealogy has many secrets. Even celebrities are finding this technique useful for discovering their roots. So when will you consult a genealogist?

Relationship of Various Regions with Genealogy in the World

Ever wondered how genealogy is like in various parts of the world? Yes! I too have wondered the same. That’s why have picked three most popular and over-the-top regions that have always been in the headlines for their diversity and culture. Of course, where culture gets diverse, genealogy has everything to do with it.

So explore every region as per their genealogy!

  • Region Africa

Africa has hundreds of diverse languages, groups, religions, and customs, divided among numerous political borders. The continent is divided into various areas – North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa a.k.a. ‘Black Africa’, which further is divided into west, east, central, and southern regions.

Most of the North region inhabitants are leaped by the Mediterranean Sea. The preponderance of the land is covered by Sahara desert and its inhabitants are called ‘Arabs.’ This helps in examining the Genealogy of African people.

Islamic religion has influenced most of the African from Asian southern region. However, the language of Arabs is combinational. Sub-Saharan Africa consist world’s oldest civilization ever existed.

Western Africa had various kingdoms such as Igbo. British held western Africa and established Christianity along with English language as their National Language. There are around 11 million Zulu people in Africa most out of which speak English because of the influence of Christianity.

That’s how the diverse genealogy has hit the language, culture, and religion of Africans.

  • Region India

It’s not a hidden fact that India is HUGE! In terms of languages, culture, traditions, and even their clothes, India has massive genealogic aspects. With 22 official languages and 19,500 mother tongues, variation in genealogy is a no big surprise. Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians are the major religions that divide areas and people. From food to traditions, the disparity is pretty amazing.

The different genealogy has influenced Indian art as well. Every religion has its own traditional dance and music forms.

Apart from the disparity of cultures, in most of the regions, families of three or more generations live together. It’s called joint family. That’s how tradition is transferred from one generation to another.

  • Region Germany

Germany is home to many ancient Germanic people. The 91% of the total population 82 million of Germanic are ethnic German. About 2,000 years ago, Germanic tribes get extended in North European area. While the Romans were at the peak of their power, there have been multiple stories of Germany-Romans conflict.

Germans have always been so talented that they get their spot in various niches no matter what. They are great builders, politicians, and inventors. That implies how the successors are still having these skills.

They say change is the creator of impossible. Well, it is true and these regions are the epitome of that!

Genealogy your Fortune – Teller

They say the best way to predict the future is to create one.

I say, Let Genealogy be your Fortune-Teller!

Yes!!! You read it absolutely right. Genealogy is not just about finding your family tree and telling everything about your ancestry; in fact, you can discover the coming future as well.

No!!! It doesn’t involve any Hocus-Pocus. Almost every living thing on this planet has deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which carries genetic information and hereditary traits. Therefore it’s easy to envisage the development, growth, reproduction, and growth of your coming generation and you. How does it do it? You will find out now!

So hold your horses & say Alakazam!


Everybody knows that intelligence relies on inherent & some external factors like the social background and teaching quality. Experts say that Genealogy technique can be used to forecast one’s intelligence and academic excellence.

Processionals, in 2010, have discovered that a normal intellectual capability is distributed in the same genetic and environmental factors. All thanks to the high-level of polygenic that helps brain function perfectly to solve even the most complex problem of Mathematics or any other subject.

Hence, if somebody has a low polygenic level, chances are that the person will have average academic performance.

Verdict: Tests are the basic future predictors of the students, which genealogist can use well.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Every couple is curious to know how their baby will look like. Well, genealogy has solved it like a pro. DNA controls the distribution of appearances such as the shape and size of the nose, eyes, lips, and the entire body. If your grandfather had blue eyes, chances of your future child having them are pretty high.

Apart from this, crime branches use genealogy DNA tests to figure out the appearance of the criminal based on thing found on the crime scene. This is called ‘DNA PHENOTYPING.’ When used in forensic, it augments the chances of solving a case as the face of a criminal is known and now the only task is to catch him/her.

Verdict: Genealogy is completely ethical and can draw a rough sketch of a person’s features/appearance.

Death Prediction

Death is a subject that most of us want to know and avoid in the chorus. Many scientists believe that DNA and Death has a close relationship. Telomere, a thread that combines 46 chromosomes of DNA, has a crucial role discover how long a person will live. This ribbon is long on the time of birth and keeps on decreasing over the years. Consequently, it becomes inactive or even dies.

Besides, experts have also discovered that there are a few factors, which shorten Telomere’s length. The major factor is stress. Those who have had a traumatic childhood because of maybe bullying, child abuse, or some incident, tend to have short Telomere. Therefore, are suspected to live till the age of 40-50. However, a change in lifestyle and mental setup can help you build strong Telomere.

Verdict: As even scientists believe that genealogy can be the pathway to predict someone’s life-span, it can be a powerful tool to save lives as well.