Genome Test For Patients Moves Closer With Genome Analysis Advance by Geneology4u

Diseases caused by DNA changes could be detected more readily thanks to an advance in genome analysis software.

The development will make it easier to integrate DNA testing into health care systems such as the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, which cares for around four million people affected by DNA diseases in the UK.

The website can help you in spoting precise genome changes that cause disease in the more than four billion letters of DNA code that make up the human DNA.

What is the role of the genome test?

It does this by linking to a database of genealogy information from people with genetic diseases to pinpoint genome changes that are known to cause illness.

The software by geneology4u also predicts the consequences of genome changes, helping to identify disease-causing differences that are not already linked to a particular condition.

Also, the software by genealogy scans databases of DNA information from healthy people to rule out DNA differences that look as though they may cause disease but are harmless -minimizing the risk of false diagnosis.

Experts say the geneology4u is particularly useful for diagnosing disorders that may be caused by many different genes, such as severe intellectual disabilities in children.

Using genome to diagnose the diseases in advance is moved to a step closer when advances in DNA sequencing technology made it affordable and possible to decode a person’s genome within a few days.

The sheer volume of data produced—and shortage of expertise—has hampered efforts to analyze it and generate meaningful results.

The new system, which is freely available online, will help to overcome this bottleneck and make it easier to diagnose genetic conditions in clinical practice and research programs.

Why genealogy 4u?

Come and enroll genealogy 4u which has great expertise in the industry of DNA and genome and our future projection is also very impressive through which we can help you to stay healthy and be alert from upcoming diseases in advance.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Genetic Counseling Appointment

What going to talk about?

We need to explore what makes you, you. Part of this includes asking questions about you and your family’s medical and genetic history and ethnic background. We’ll work together to build a family tree, which is a visual representation of:

•for generations of your family (that’s you, your parents’ generation, your grandparents, and also if you have kids, nieces or nephews).

You and your partner’s families’ health history — that includes any major health problems and family members that passed away because of health issues.

Your reproductive and pregnancy history — including any pregnancy or fertility problems that you’re aware of in yourselves, siblings or parents.

Why is this call even necessary?

We pair every member with a genetic counselor for mind full support and guidance every step of the way. It’s only when we can start to understand your motivations, expectations, and concerns can we tailor your experience with us to what’s relevant for you.

We’d love to get to know your preferences, experiences and what’s important to you. This way, we know how you like to receive info; deal with uncertainties and how to support you in making decisions that feel right for you.

We also know that having a genetic test can often be different from other health checks. So, in our session we’ll also cover:

How carrier screening works

What it can and cannot do

What to expect on your journey with Eugene

We also encourage you to ask us ‘Why’!

How does it all work?

We work hard to make it easy for you. Everything is at home; you can never leave your couch!

We video calls for appointments and we’ll ship you your kits for free (coz we’re nice like that). We also include a free session with your genetic counselor before we send you the kit. After your call, if you feel like the test is not right for you, we’ll refund you every dollar. Enroll Genealogy4u now!

Who should join the call?

First, we can’t wait to meet you at genealogy 4u! If you are planning on having genetic carrier screening with a partner it would be better if you are both on the call. We generally do video calls, and everyone can also dial in separately — just in case you and your partner are not together at the time of the call.

Navigate Your health And DNA Reports to Protect Yourself for a Genetic Disorder

Geneology4u has loads of information about how to navigate your genealogy DNA Health Reports. The new category i.e. DNA Health + Ancestry test offers an extensive range of genetic insights through detailed health reports for various conditions.

There are two ways to access your reports. One is through an email that our team will send you after the DNA lab receive your sample. The other is from your family site by clicking on the Health tab navigation bar.

The perfect solution for our customers

For customers in the United States, an independent network of physicians called PWN Health supervises this new service and provides clinical oversight. An independent physician will review and approve the processing of each test and evaluate all reports before they are released. When a report indicates an increased risk for a specific condition, the physician will further determine whether genetic counseling is advised.

If so, then you will receive an email explaining how to set up a consultation with a genetic counselor from PWN Health. You won’t be able to access your reports until after you schedule that session.

You will be asked if you want geneolgy4u to display genetic risk reports for incurable conditions, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, will be displayed. By default, those reports are not displayed. All users are asked this question – it has nothing to do with your specific results.

Genetic reports by Genealogy 4u

The Genetic Risk Reports show which conditions you have a slightly increased risk for. It also will show the conditions you have an average risk for, and those you have a significantly decreased risk for.

These reports only reflect your genetic risk for developing a condition. They cannot tell you whether you have or will develop a condition.

This is just some of the information which we provide to help you navigate your DNA Health Report. For more details, visit the geneology4u website where their blog was posted.

With the help of genealogy4u, you can navigate your DNA and health disorders in advance and will able to cure them to make a better health status for yourself as well as for your future generations.

Ways to Preserve Your Family Legacy for The Coming Generation

Important techniques for leaving a legacy your children and grandchildren will cherish forever.

Creating a legacy that will last for generations doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy ways you can preserve your family legacy right now. Your younger relatives will be forever grateful.

Build Your Family Tree

Keep your family’s story intact by storing it on a family tree. Your genealogy tree contains all the members of your family in one place, making a great reference for any relative interested in your shared past. Our online family tree builder is easy-to-use and it’s completely free to get started.

Begin by adding the information you already know and our clever hints will instantly help grow your tree outwards and backward by providing clues to your family records. Then, why not go a step further and have your tree printed and framed to make a treasured keepsake for your family?

Take a DNA Test

Facilitate your gene4alogy for the future by giving them an insight into their past with an ancestry DNA test. Taking a DNA test requires very little effort (just a quick saliva sample) but the results can give you and your family a valuable understanding of your origins.

With a history of DNA, powered by Genealogy4u, your ethnicity breakdown is stored safely online forever and you can easily share your results with other family members. You can even get the rest of the family tested and compare results.

Chronicle Your Genealogy History

Collect all of your genealogy information, letters, and heirlooms together and have them ready to pass down through the generations. Billions of genealogy records are now searchable online, including here at Genealogy4u, making it easier than ever to unearth details of the family’s most important milestones.

Start Searching Records

If you want to turn your findings into a meaningful memento, display them in a scrapbook or family album. Companies’ like-Genealogy4ucan adds a professional touch by interviewing you, compiling your family archives and presenting the finished product in your very own storybook to keep forever.

Create a Timeline

Similar to a genealogy tree, a timeline plots your most treasured genealogy moments and milestones through the years. Maintaining your timeline digitally will mean it’s accessible by your genealogy forever.

Maintain a Will

Perhaps the first thing you’ll consider when preparing to leave your legacy is writing your last will. If you need help on that front, your ancestors could be an unexpected source of inspiration.

This is how you can preserve your family legacy in advance and you can also prevent yourself by discussing your family health history with your health care doctor. This is especially true if you have been diagnosed with genetic disorders. To know more about bloodline visit Geneology4u.

How Can Ancestral Clearing Help us in our Lives?

Our bodies were reloaded at birth with the limitation of the ancestors that came before us. These measurable imprints are called genomes. These combinations of amino acids are stored as attachments to our DNA.  They are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound effect on virtually every area of our lives: Behavior, beliefs, resilience to stress and even our healing response.

If we don’t feel good, where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the future and it’s usually not coming from the present. What we carry comes from the past, the hurts from this life and our lineage that were probably never resolved.  We can try to push through or even be positive. This doesn’t usually work, does it? So how do we rewrite the program we have running? A program that affects every aspect of our life: Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual.

The past doesn’t have to equal the future

We don’t have to be victims of a past that our ancestors may have experienced.  Using a simple process that starts with noticing what we feel in our bodies, we can release this old hurt.  By rewriting our story in this way, we can create a future of possibility, well-being, and true fulfillment.

Ancestral Clearing on Genealogy4u is about connecting to the higher power of our understanding.  Through a simple process, we clear the imprints of adversity that have been weighing on us. These unresolved issues have accumulated from our life, our family and our ancestral lineage.

The “Being” part of us doesn’t suffer, it’s just aware of all that shows up. More importantly, however, it’s aware of itself. So when you connect with that direct awareness of who you are, you have access to the narrative that reflects your life experience. This is the story or character bible of our beliefs, expectations, and judgments.

Moving beyond the mind

In conclusion, we need to move beyond the mind and judgment. Moving into the intelligence within the body is the key.  We must go beyond our story and as a result, access the deepest part of our being. This reveals our connection to Source which leads to resolving the root of the issue.

Why geneology4u for ancestral clearing?

At geneology4u, we understand that there is no such thing as the perfect family. Each of us faces our unique challenges and situations. What we do know, however, is that we can face these challenges better with the support of family and friends. Thus the ancestral clearing is really important in all aspects and we are really lucky to be part of an ancestral tree.

Are you Workaholic? It Might be in Your Genes

Let’s face it, the kitchen is commonplace to find Homo Erectus Workaholics, those who just can’t seem to leave at the end of the day, misplace time while focusing on the task at hand and frequently show up on their day off.

If any of the above describes you, you may be classed as a ‘workaholic’. Recent scientific research has been hinting toward the trait being genetic, which makes perfect sense as workaholics can commonly be found in families as well as certain professions.

The common characteristics of the workaholic

They in professions that typically have long hours – the prevalence of workaholics in certain industries could be due to the workaholic’s success in these types of professions.

They rarely delegate responsibilities – meaning they like to have a lot of control over their / their team’s work, productivity and results.

They expend high effort – they put in 100% and couldn’t comprehend putting in less than 100%

They are perfectionists – sometimes to their detriment when it comes to productivity and efficiency!

Well, it’s probably more common than you think, as many as 1 in 4 of us could be classed as a ‘Workaholic’!

So why are we all so obsessed with working? Many psychologists believe it is a form of addiction, as working above and beyond often has negative consequences on our health or social well being. Workaholics are often associated with other psychiatric disorders such as OCD, ADHD, and depression – but the real question is, does being a workaholic contribute to the development of these disorders or does these disorders lead to one becoming a workaholic?

However, researchers have found that our genes may be to blame! Does that could certainly explain the family link that workaholics often find? Researchers blocked dopamine receptors in monkeys and found they worked harder, faster and produced better results when given a simple task ie: they used genetics to turn them into workaholics!

You can read more about this study here.

Now we’re not suggesting we turn to sci-fi and genetically engineer the world into workaholics, but, interestingly, genes could be to blame for obsessive work-related behaviors.

So what does this mean for the workaholics among us? It depends if you’re happy being a workaholic or if you’re unhappy. If hard work is your favorite thing in the world, then stick to it. But if you notice you

work habits are having any unhealthy effects, it might be time to assess your way, make time to plan your schedule and stick to it – as a workaholic you will find this tricky, but monitoring your behaviors could lead to a happier and healthier you!

When Family History is a Painful Portion of Life

If you have ever been pained by portions of your bloodline, this Genealogy4u blog is for you.

Not many family histories are picture-perfect. Not many fill themselves in quickly and cleanly. If you are one of the many whose family does not fit the mold, know that you are in good company.

Family history can be painful for various reasons, and we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that many of our loyal blog readers are in that particular situation.

Some things you might encounter include:

Foster care and adoption

If it was you, a parent, or someone farther back in your family tree, the presence of an adoption or a child who never left the foster care system can bring up bad memories for some and create holes in their family trees that they don’t know how to fill.

Family estrangement

There are many reasons why a person could become estranged from their family. Whatever the reason, it is never pleasant. Because of estrangement in different areas of your family tree, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get additional information about your family.


Religion is an important part of many people’s lives, but it can lead to family turmoil.


A tough obstacle for anyone to get through when doing family history, infidelity can cause rifts in any family. These issues can cause genealogy to be a sore subject to all those affected.


Similar to infidelity, divorce can rupture family links. No matter who is at fault or what caused the rift to form, divorce can cause feelings of animosity for any party involved. If divorce is followed by either party being re-married, then further complications can arise in relationships, and it can be difficult to know how best to approach this new branch in your family tree.

Early death

While early death won’t necessarily cause drama in your family tree, it can make it difficult to expand your family tree if you or someone else did not talk to that person before their death about their family history. Take it from someone who knows, every time you see that name in your tree, the wound opens a little bit.

Abuse or violence

Family history can be difficult for anyone, but for someone who was the victim of familial abuse or violence—emotional, sexual, or physical—family history can be next to impossible. This can be compounded if there is a family history of abuse. When a victim of violence or abuse does their genealogy, it can bring back painful memories and make it difficult to have a positive genealogy experience.


War has torn through families for generations upon generations. War can decimate branches in your tree, tear through relationships and families, and, depending on how history falls at the end of the war, can cause lasting ramifications in your family tree. War has been an issue around the globe throughout history. Odds are you have many ancestors in your tree that have fought on all sides.

Why geneology4u?

At geneology4u, we understand that there is no such thing as the perfect family. Each of us faces our unique challenges and situations. What we do know, however, is that we can face these challenges better with the support of family and friends. Thus the family is really important in all aspects and we are really lucky to be part of a family tree.

What is a Genetic Disorder and How it is Defined?

Genetic disease is the disease that is caused by an abnormality in the makeup of the genes of an individual. The genetic abnormality can range from minuscule to major — from a discrete mutation in a single base in the DNA of a single gene to a gross chromosomal problem involving the subtraction or addition of a whole chromosome or set of chromosomes. Some people inherit genetic disorders from the parents, while acquired changes or mutations in a preexisting gene or group of genes cause other genetic disorders. Genetic mutations can occur due to some environmental exposure or can occur randomly as well.

Types of genetic disorders:

  • Single gene inheritance

  • Multi factorial inheritance

  • Chromosome abnormalities

  • Mitochondrial inheritance


  • Single gene genetic inheritance

Single gene inheritance is also known as Mundelein or monogenetic inheritance. The Changes or the mutations that occur in the DNA sequence of a single gene cause this type of inheritance.

  • Multi factorial inheritance

This type of inheritance disorders are caused by a combination of environmental factors and mutations in multiple genes

Examples of multi factorial inheritance diseases are:

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Obesity

  • High blood pressure,

  • Heart rate

  • Arthritis

  • This inheritance also is associated with heritable traits such as height, eye color, fingerprint patterns, and skin color.


  • Chromosomal abnormalities

In this type of genetic inheritance, distinct structures made up of protein and DNA, are present in the nucleus of each cell. As we know, chromosomes are the carriers of the genetic material, abnormalities in chromosome number or structure can result in disease. This type of abnormalities typically occurs due to a problem with cell division.

  • Mitochondrial genetic inheritance

Mitochondrial genetic inheritance is caused by changes in the non-nuclear DNA of mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny circles or rod-like organelles that are involved in cellular respiration and found in the cytoplasm of plant and animal cells. Each mitochondrion may contain 6 to 12 circular piece of DNA. This process makes the use of egg cells, but not of the sperm cells, that keep their mitochondria in the process fertilization, this type of DNA is always inherited from the female parent.

Why geneology4u?

Most genetic diseases are the direct result of the change in one gene. But the most difficult problems ahead is to further describe how genes contribute to diseases that have a complex pattern of inheritance, Genealogy 4u will help you to learn about these inherited diseases in advance and helps you in protecting you from that kind of harmful diseases such as in the cases of diabetes, asthma, cancer, and mental illness. In all such diseases, no one gene has the yes/no power to say whether a person will develop the disease or not. Change is required before the disease is diagnosed. to know more about genealogy enroll Geneology4u now!!