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Do You Want To Explore Where You Come From?

genealogy initial roots

Genealogy is the study of family history and lineage. This kind of research is meaningful to those who undertake it for a variety of reasons. The study of families combines all the methods and analyses of academic research with the personal relevance of helping the researcher to understand their family […]

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How Can Ancestral Clearing Help us in our Lives?

Worth Living

Our bodies were reloaded at birth with the limitation of the ancestors that came before us. These measurable imprints are called genomes. These combinations of amino acids are stored as attachments to our DNA.  They are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound effect on virtually every […]

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Are you Workaholic? It Might be in Your Genes


Let’s face it, the kitchen is commonplace to find Homo Erectus Workaholics, those who just can’t seem to leave at the end of the day, misplace time while focusing on the task at hand and frequently show up on their day off. If any of the above describes you, you […]

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