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Genealogy – Are there any Tangible Benefits?

Benefits of genealogy

Genealogy, a study or technique full of curiosity and adventure to which you can be obsessed, can be your magic dust to depict your ancestry. People have their own reasons to opt for Genealogy like some do it for their religion discovery and others just want to have an adventurous […]

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Where did your Pooch come from? The Role of Genealogy

Dogs are the bundle of joy wrapped inside the fur. Our four-legged friends have been serving their loyalty for almost 10,000 years. In all these years, abundant transformations in terms of size, height, behavior, and colors took place. Despite our utmost love to our pooch and close relationship, some Genealogical […]

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How Our Ancestors Celebrated Labor Day

Labor Day offers a welcome break from our work lives. While we can appreciate it as a day of leisure, consider taking some time to look back on the history of Labor Day and how your ancestors might have celebrated it. Labor Day isn’t just about hot dogs and hamburgers. […]

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Automated Genealogy: Finding Your Ancestry in Canada


10:00 AM – October 18, 2015 by Paul murphy If you want to find out about your relatives who lived in Canada the Automated Genealogy website is for you. This particular website contains comprehensive information about people who lived in Canada during the years 1901 and 1911. A lot of people who […]

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