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Genealogy and Family Antiquity Research Process


Genealogy is the execution of a pedigree; it is the abstraction of families, family history, and discovering their lineages. Genealogists exert oral consultation, historical testimony, genetic analysis, and other evidence to retrieve reports about a family and to authenticate relations and heredity of its members. The genealogy4u teams are contrived […]

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How Will DNA Testing Transform You?


Your DNA test pitches you to the influential understanding of identifying what makes you exclusive and learning where you come from. Genealogy4u DNA is honoured to be intensifying the lives of users all around the globe. Taking a DNA test gave the nation a better understanding of their background and […]

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Importance of Genealogy in Data Science

DNA Science

The most fascinating and continuously advancing aspect of Data is the way it is hoarded. From megabytes to terabytes, data storage has taken new dawn in the past few years. Regardless of the choice of storage, files & documents are no longer need to be lived on hardware devices. Though, […]

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Different Ways Our Ancestors Were Healthier Than US

Ancestors Were Healthier than us

Many people assume that we have it better than our ancestors did. However, it may be true in some aspects when it comes to technology and other advancements. When while talking about health and well-being, they had a shorter life expectancy than us. Though, there were fewer multitudes of ailments […]

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Our Favourite Domestic Animals and Their Wild Ancestors

Goat & Bezoar - Pig & Wild Boar - Pooches & Gray Wolf - African Wild Cat

Human evolution has highly influenced with the domestication of wild animals that begun with dogs. Protection, Food, Sustenance, and Labor were the major reasons for humans creating a permanent settlement for animals. But all these domestic animals have such wild ancestors that you would never wish to come across. Domestic […]

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4 Famous Personalities You Didn’t Know Had Slave Ancestors

4 Famous Personalities

The majority of black Americans are supposed to have slavery ancestry. Slavery is the one disrespectful epoch in American history that can never fade away. Even the lush celebrities are connected to slavery. Following are some big personalities you had no idea about their slave ancestors. #1. Oprah Winfrey When […]

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