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Genealogy Research: Unveiling the Past

Genealogy Research

10:00 PM – July 17 ,2015 by Paul Murphy The term genealogy is rooted from the Greek word “genealogia” which refers to the tracing of family. The term genealogia is likewise rooted from genea, referring to a generation or descent. Genealogy research basically refers to the identification of the lineage, significant information […]

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Research Your Family Tree

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy Finding out where you come from, who your ancestors were or what they did starts from a very familiar place; yourself.  Researching your family tree is not as hard as you think.  It just takes some time and energy.  In order to […]

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Look at These Examples of Awesome Family Trees

Awesome Family Trees

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy Maybe your heart is into creating a family tree but, the task might be overwhelming for you.  Maybe the only family trees you have seen look so complicated that they are hard to understand let alone create one.  But building a family […]

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