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Research Your Family Tree

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy Finding out where you come from, who your ancestors were or what they did starts from a very familiar place; yourself.  Researching your family tree is…
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Have You Ever Used Family Tree Maker Software?

Family Tree Photo

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy When creating your family tree, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all of the information you find neat and organized.  Often times you are flooded with information from several different sources and after all of the work you are putting into […]

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Create a Family Tree Scrapbook

Family photo

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy When you put time and effort into doing something like researching your family tree and collecting important documents, you want a way to show it off.  Most people turn to scrapbooking.  By putting those important pieces of history into a scrapbook you […]

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