Build your Irish Family Tree and Discover Your Genealogy in Ireland

Irish ShamrockTracing your family’s roots and heritage can be rewarding, yet one of the most difficult journeys to undertake. By doing this, you can discover distant relatives, find a warm welcome away from home, and also get to learn more about your Irish family history.

Millions of people would like to learn a thing or two about their Irish ancestry, however, most people are turned off due to relatively few resources available. Well, this blog is going to guide you through on various resources you may use in the journey of tracing your Irish family tree.

National Library of Ireland

This is one of the best places you can visit if you’re interested in tracing your family history. It offers free advisory services as well as genealogy talks and workshops. You’ll also find ancient records such as the Roman parish registers.

The National Archives of Ireland

The national archives offer short genealogy consultation services which can be of value. One can also access a wide array of ancient online records such as 1901 and 1901 census records.

General Register Office

The General Register Office maintains the registers of all civil birth, death, marriage, civil partnerships and adoptions in Ireland. You can easily search its register records.

Castle in Ireland

Ireland Family History Facebook Page

This page often hold Q & A sessions with genealogists, who can be of great assistance. You can also interact with people sharing stories of tracing their Irish family tree.


Irish Military Archives

The military archives holds almost everything from service records to historical documents. You can have a chat with a retired soldier who served in the forces from 1922.

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

This museum maintain burial records for close to 1.5 million people. It also has a Genealogy Research Center. You can visit the museum to get a clear insight of some of the ancient records it has in store.

County Genealogy Centers

A majority of counties in Ireland have genealogy centers. These centers work with local clergy, local historical societies, county libraries, and volunteers to build a sound genealogical data base that one can use in tracing their family tree. There are more than 20 million records.


As noted earlier, tracing Irish family tree can be quite difficult. To achieve this, you need some useful information about your Irish ancestors before approaching any Irish records.
Some of the information you need to know includes; name, date of birth, names of siblings, and where they came from. This greatly helps in distinguishing between people who bear the same name in Irish records. For more information on how to go about this search signup for our free mini e-course to learn how to build your family tree.

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