Can’t Dance? You Can Blame Ancestors For That !

Whether or not you move like Jagger

They say – Dance to Express no to Impress. But not when your hands and feet go in all four different directions. Many of us groove to the beats but having two left feet always lower down the confidence especially in a family function. “I wish I could blame someone for this” if that’s what you think most of the time; you are at the right place. This article will help you to understand ‘how’ & ‘why’ your ancestors could be the reason behind your non-dancing skills.

Dancing is in your genes!

Some people don’t need the dance to be taught. Their body finds its own way to move to the music. There are various genetic factors that might decide whether or not a baby would be a dancer. According to some geneology research:

  • Only child has 69% chances of becoming a successful dancer than those who have siblings

  • Congrats! If you have two feet sizes smaller than average are a good dancer including Britney Spears

  • Taller people than average dances well

  • Dark hair and eye colour people synchronize better with the music beats

  • A Single parent could be the reason for becoming a professional dancer

Famous dancers with these traits comprise Wayne Sleep (has feet 6), Britney Spears, and Josephine Baker (both have feet 5).

Dancer Ashley Banjo and Jordan Brothers are one of the tallest dancers (around 196com and 198cm).

The physical appearance tells everything about your dancing skills such as Anton Du Beke has dark eyes and hair. Almost 82% of world-famous dancers have black/brown hair and eyes.

Moreover, those with sturdy physique have the strength to handle the female body and are flexible to change their moves quickly.

Also, most of the famous dancers have higher upper body movements than the lower body. This enhances their overall dance performance.

Final Thoughts…

These are only a few traits for successful dancers. If you don’t find any of these traits in you, it’s better to blame ancestry. To explore more about your ancestry and dancing skills, consult the experts right away!

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