Why Your Ancestor’s Family Tree is not The Same as Your Family Tree

Your ancestral pedigree, if you are lucky or diligent (or both!) can contain hundreds, even thousands of names and can go back countless generations. You can add as many collateral lines as you want. You can count on several sources to your genealogy research, and these days you can even add media, including pictures and copies of the actual documents. Every time someone gets married or a newborn baby is born, you can add that to your genealogy chart. In short, there is no end to the amount of ancestral information that can make up your pedigree chart.

Not so for your ancestor’s pedigree.

Your ancestor’s pedigree contains only those ancestors for whom you have received some of their DNA. You do not have DNA from all of your great ancestors.

When you don’t have DNA from your bloodline

Geneology4u can help you in calculating that the average generation in which you start to see that you have inherited zero blocks of DNA from a bloodline it’s about seven. But most of us aren’t trying to figure out how much of our DNA we received from great great great grandfathers now Geneology4u is here to help you in the finding of ancestor’s history that will help you in protecting from various genetics disorders.

This Ancestor’s family research always not matching up accurately with your traditional family tree also manifests itself in your ethnicity results, though there are other reasons for discrepancies there as well. Visit Geneology4u now to know more about why ethnicity results may not match. We have great expertise is family lineage and projects are also very impressive Enroll geneology4u know’

In short, this genetics stuff is not a stand-alone tool, but if you combine it with your traditional resources, it can be a very powerful tool for verifying and extending your family history. Remember, just because a sibling doesn’t show a match in genetics, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a DNA connection! DNA research and primary sources can still prove connections even if genetics doesn’t show it.

Thus it is mandatory to know more about DNA of your bloodline to protect yourself from the hazardous genetics disorders.

Get to Know More About Your Ancestors with The Help of Geneology4u

There’s an important moment when a person should experience their family lineage. It is really important to explore more about lives an also about their genetic disorders they already know more about their relatives. Even if they love or hate about their current relatives they’d know about it.

A person should know about their family lineage by their ancestor’s history. There’s something a lot more interesting about their ancestor’s life. On their family lineage journey, there could be an heirloom, photos, and everything else. There could also be a journal about their living atmosphere. Nothing can feel better about the things about their family lineage.

There are so much history and so many things that a person should know about their family lineage. They can use a lot of research so they can find out with the help of Geneology4u.

When a person looks through some research they can find out about the lifestyle they have. A family lineage could have a successful career or be famous. Through it all, a person may desire to follow their ancestor’s footsteps.

A family lineage should have that perfect history ahead for that family member who wants to get to know them in the years before. They can be one of someone else’s ancestors to get an inspiration.

AS we know that we all have a deep connection with our grandparents and my thirst to know more about the people that have come before me, I decided to take geneology4u and start deciphering my family history.

How DNA help to explore more about family lineage?

I spit in a tube from a DNA testing kit and mailed it off to the geneology4u lab in a pre-paid box and less than two weeks I had a notification in my e-mail saying that my results were in. It was one of those experiences you never forget and I felt like my grandparents were proud of me for taking this step towards them.

Come and join Geneology4u to explore more about your family lineage their disorders, strong point, weak points, strength, and weaknesses, etc.

Navigate Your health And DNA Reports to Protect Yourself for a Genetic Disorder

Geneology4u has loads of information about how to navigate your genealogy DNA Health Reports. The new category i.e. DNA Health + Ancestry test offers an extensive range of genetic insights through detailed health reports for various conditions.

There are two ways to access your reports. One is through an email that our team will send you after the DNA lab receive your sample. The other is from your family site by clicking on the Health tab navigation bar.

The perfect solution for our customers

For customers in the United States, an independent network of physicians called PWN Health supervises this new service and provides clinical oversight. An independent physician will review and approve the processing of each test and evaluate all reports before they are released. When a report indicates an increased risk for a specific condition, the physician will further determine whether genetic counseling is advised.

If so, then you will receive an email explaining how to set up a consultation with a genetic counselor from PWN Health. You won’t be able to access your reports until after you schedule that session.

You will be asked if you want geneolgy4u to display genetic risk reports for incurable conditions, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, will be displayed. By default, those reports are not displayed. All users are asked this question – it has nothing to do with your specific results.

Genetic reports by Genealogy 4u

The Genetic Risk Reports show which conditions you have a slightly increased risk for. It also will show the conditions you have an average risk for, and those you have a significantly decreased risk for.

These reports only reflect your genetic risk for developing a condition. They cannot tell you whether you have or will develop a condition.

This is just some of the information which we provide to help you navigate your DNA Health Report. For more details, visit the geneology4u website where their blog was posted.

With the help of genealogy4u, you can navigate your DNA and health disorders in advance and will able to cure them to make a better health status for yourself as well as for your future generations.

How Can Ancestral Clearing Help us in our Lives?

Our bodies were reloaded at birth with the limitation of the ancestors that came before us. These measurable imprints are called genomes. These combinations of amino acids are stored as attachments to our DNA.  They are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound effect on virtually every area of our lives: Behavior, beliefs, resilience to stress and even our healing response.

If we don’t feel good, where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the future and it’s usually not coming from the present. What we carry comes from the past, the hurts from this life and our lineage that were probably never resolved.  We can try to push through or even be positive. This doesn’t usually work, does it? So how do we rewrite the program we have running? A program that affects every aspect of our life: Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual.

The past doesn’t have to equal the future

We don’t have to be victims of a past that our ancestors may have experienced.  Using a simple process that starts with noticing what we feel in our bodies, we can release this old hurt.  By rewriting our story in this way, we can create a future of possibility, well-being, and true fulfillment.

Ancestral Clearing on Genealogy4u is about connecting to the higher power of our understanding.  Through a simple process, we clear the imprints of adversity that have been weighing on us. These unresolved issues have accumulated from our life, our family and our ancestral lineage.

The “Being” part of us doesn’t suffer, it’s just aware of all that shows up. More importantly, however, it’s aware of itself. So when you connect with that direct awareness of who you are, you have access to the narrative that reflects your life experience. This is the story or character bible of our beliefs, expectations, and judgments.

Moving beyond the mind

In conclusion, we need to move beyond the mind and judgment. Moving into the intelligence within the body is the key.  We must go beyond our story and as a result, access the deepest part of our being. This reveals our connection to Source which leads to resolving the root of the issue.

Why geneology4u for ancestral clearing?

At geneology4u, we understand that there is no such thing as the perfect family. Each of us faces our unique challenges and situations. What we do know, however, is that we can face these challenges better with the support of family and friends. Thus the ancestral clearing is really important in all aspects and we are really lucky to be part of an ancestral tree.

Festivals Around The World to Honor and Reconnect to Ancestors

If you think Mexico is the only country where the ‘Day Of Deads’ is celebrated, you might be wrong. There are many other countries where rituals are performed to honor and reconnect with the long-gone ancestors.

What are these festivals and where are they celebrated, let’s explore below?


WHERE: North and South Korea

The Koreans tribute their ancestors in the eighth lunar calendar month (roughly September/ October), in a festivity, which also includes dance, food, and common celebrations for three days. The food, especially rice cakes called ‘Songpyeon,’ plays a significant role, primarily as thanks are also given to the dead for their role in providing a good crop. Though, like any other day of the dead around the world, Koreans also clean and decorate the graves; also, they demonstrate their feelings through dancing.

Fiesta de las Ñatitas

WHERE: Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia greets an unusual day of the ancestor ritual every November, as the Aymara people head to the central graveyard with their deceased ancestors’ skulls in tow. Displayed in boxes, and frequently decorated with flowers, the skulls are also given gifts (think: food and drink) for having watched out for their friends and families from the land of the dead over the course of last year.

Gai Jatra

WHERE: Nepal

To catch a glimpse of the Nepalese Festival of the Cows A.K.A. Gai Jatra, head to Kathmandu in August or September, where the celebrations last for 8-days, is to reconnect to your ancestors that you never met. Confused about what a Festival of the Cows has to do with your ancestors? Cows are thought to guide the deceased into the spirit world, so families with a lately departed loved ones will guide a cow (or a boy clothed as a cow) throughout the streets to both aid and honor their deceased.

Qingming (a.k.a. Ancestors’ Day)

WHERE: China

Tombs cleaning create a huge festival in most parts of China, though consuming dumplings and flying kites are also a part of this festival. Likewise, presenting goods of value in the afterlife—such as joss sticks and tea—is also practiced on Qingming. It’s said in China that this monument to the dead, which takes place in roughly mid-April, was established in a manner to bound the previously overly-overgenerous and all-too-regular ceremonies held in memory of the ancestors.

Pitru Paksha

WHERE: Hindus around the world

Undefined by ecological bounds, Pitru Paksha is a Hindu festival, focused on praying and providing food to the ancestors. Though Pitru Paksha lasts for 16-days, and those who take part in this practice apparently shouldn’t embark on new projects, remove hair, or eat garlic for the duration.

Different Ways Our Ancestors Were Healthier Than US

Many people assume that we have it better than our ancestors did. However, it may be true in some aspects when it comes to technology and other advancements. When while talking about health and well-being, they had a shorter life expectancy than us. Though, there were fewer multitudes of ailments that we suffer these days.

So there are different ways that are the reasons why we are less healthy than our ancestors.

Let’s check them out!

They Ate Better Food

Our ancestor’s diets included farm-fresh food all through their lives. Animals were not fed soy or GMO corn food. Besides, they didn’t have the antibiotics back then that we use to make animals larger at a very younger age. There were zero processed, glucose-laden, sodium filled, pre-packaged non-foods that provide no nutrition. We have really drifted from the hale and hearty ways that our great-grandparents used to consume. Eating boxed or canned food is normal for many of us, which didn’t exist X years ago. These foods are associated with various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

What to do: What you put inside your body is reflected outside. Go for fresh and local organic food whenever it’s possible. Pastured and grass-fed meats are a healthier substitute over grain-fed animals. Preparing meals at home and shunning processed & fast food improves entire health and welfare.

They Used Herbal Medicine

Long before drug companies started making millions of dollars, our ancestors used herbs to cure their ailments. Nature has given us many plants and herbs that are capable of curing most of the common problems. From seasonal cold to headaches, plants and leaves have the ability to prevent these problems for the long run.

What to do: Rather than taking medicines such as sleeping pills, go for natural plants that cure sleeplessness and insomnia. Lavender and chamomile have the ability to soothe your senses. So gulp down lavender/chamomile teas to have a better sleep. Also, these have null side-effects, so, you can use it worry-free.

They Spent More Time Outside

The era of our ancestor was all about working hard getting food outside. In today’s modern life, we work by sitting at one place right in front of our computers, laptops, and smartphones. Farming, gardening, hunting, etc. were the basic duties back then that just not used to provide food but also used to exercise the bodies. Now we just sit staring our screens and getting stressed about the deadlines.

What to do: The best way to keep your mind and body vigorous is to spend most of the time in nature. Sun exposure will provide sufficient vitamin D essential for our bodies to function properly. Being outside, helps you to connect with the world around you.

Make these three changes in your life and lifelike your ancestors – a healthy, happy, and stress-free life!

Our Favourite Domestic Animals and Their Wild Ancestors

Human evolution has highly influenced with the domestication of wild animals that begun with dogs. Protection, Food, Sustenance, and Labor were the major reasons for humans creating a permanent settlement for animals. But all these domestic animals have such wild ancestors that you would never wish to come across.

Domestic Pooches & Gray Wolf

Dogs love has never been disappeared from human life. Dogs are true examples of love, protection, and loyalty. From Siberian Huskies to Chihuahua, there are more than 400 dog breeds. Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Kugsha, Samoyed, Tamaskan, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Northern Inuit Dog, Utonagan, German Shepherd, and Saarloos Wolfdog are the dog breeds that are said to be decedents of wolves.

Domestic Goat & Bezoar

There are 200 goat breeds most of which are descended from the wild goat – bezoar or Capra aegagrus. These spry goats might seem unfriendly at first but their meat, milk, and ability to turn sparse vegetation into hides made the effort worth of settlers. And, for those silky cashmere coats, you can thank the fluffy domestic goats.

Domestic Pig & Wild Boar

Around 9000 years ago, the wild and terrifying boars were domesticated separately in China and Europe. But look at them now! Surly boars have developed into chubby and cute domestic pigs. From pink swine to hairy monstrous land breed, there are around 70 pig breeds that can be domesticated. Apart from their meet, pigs are a highly intelligent creature and the new medical research has shown that pigs might provide you a heart – you know, to replace the one you clogged with fat and junkies.

Domestic Cat & African Wild Cat

Felis silvestris lybica, the African wildcat, is said to be the ancestor of all domestic cats. An archaeologist found cat bones in China those were 5,300 years old. The same was found in Egypt. There are 50 cat breeds that have been founded until now. Cats come in diverse colors, sizes, and appearances.

All these domestic animals have not just helped us to get a better lifestyle through meat, fur, and milk, but also they have proven to be the best cure for stress and anxiety. However, people nowadays are adopting these animals by giving lots of love and permanent shelter.

Behold! Shocking Truth about Superman’s Ancestors Unleashed

The idea of Batman vs Superman: Superman, a god-like being, whose actions were beyond normal human’s understandability, is an alien from Krypton.

But is it true that Superman is extraterrestrial? Well, maybe, but what about him having the human ancestors? He might be from another planet but having ancestors from earth has led science to consider two reasons for this: Appearance & Sex.

Physical Appearance

Thanks to ‘convergent evolution,’ which has shown that the unrelated species to end up having similar features. For example, the wings of bats, bird, and pterosaurs all have evolved from arms.

So the reason# 1 for Superman’s human descendent is obvious: he looks human.

However, it’s likely possible the two species to have basic features, two arms, legs, and one head, it’s not necessary that every feature would end-up the same.

In case, whether humans and Kryptonians are identical because of convergent evolution or both species share common ancestor, it’s more possible that Superman is a human descendant.

Jor-EI, Superman’s father, explained: “Long ago, in the era of growth, we raced through the stars in the search of a new world to settle upon… For over 100,000 years, our evolution thrived, achieving wonders.”

The movies didn’t offer any earlier information beyond 100,000 years ago, so we can fill the gap with whatever is known from evolution.

The search from paleontology, archeology, and genealogy has provided ample evidence on humans being originated from artefacts, fissile bones & DNA and the modern human has drifted out of Africa about 200,000 years ago.

Sexual Reproduction

Can human and Kryptonian have children together? Yes, at least according to Superman Returns 2006 in which Superman has a son with Lois and the comic Kingdom Come in which he is expecting a baby with Wonder Woman. But in other movies, Superman can’t have babies and DNA incompatibility is the reason.

Geographic isolation can have its effects on Reproduction isolation. Just like a tree branch becomes two including the production of geographic barriers that divide the population into two like a mountain range.

Clark and Lois have affection, so that’s not the case with Kryptonians and humans. Another prospect could be hybrid incompatibility that happens when genes mount up change over time. As a result, it will block sperms and egg from intermingling.

Of course, the common and known difference between Superman and normal human is the superpower. Superman is both alien and human; alien refers to the recent extraterrestrial origin and human describes evolutionary ancestry. He is actually a Superhuman and a Man Of Steel.

Were our Ancestors Feared undead? Mystery Revealed !

Ever feel the Goosebumps while walking through a graveyard and a scary thought, “are the undead’s eyes watching my every move?” strikes your mind? Well, you are not alone!

A few years ago, two skeletons were found with stones wedged in their mouths. The skeletons are supposed to be buried this way and are almost 1,300 years old. Our ancestors might use to believe that to prevent the undead from rising and haunting the living, putting a stone inside their mouths would keep them inside the grave

A documentary featuring the work of geneologists and archaeologists showed that this practice aimed to put off corpse from becoming “Revenants.”

The documentary says that “unusual funerals” are allied with revenants and vampires — poltergeists who were supposed to come back from their graves among the living — unless some serious steps were taken.

Many skeletons from Co Roscommon date to a time in the 700s, way long before vampires appeared in European folklore, but right at a time when society believed ghosts and revenants came back to the livings to haunt their loved ones or take revenge on those who had grudges while living.

At the childhood home of Hollywood celebrity Maureen O’Sullivan, two male skeletons were discovered alongside in that historic site.

This historic site neglects Lough Key at Kilteasheen, Knockvicar. In a mission funded by the Royal Irish Academy in the duration of 2005 and 2009, archaeologists and geneologists dig up 137 skeletons from 3,000 obscured during numerous centuries on top of each other.

The head of the project who led the detailed tests and dig of the skeletons, revealed at first they thought they had discovered a Black Death-correlated burial ground, but radiocarbon dating lined that theory out. Now they have swayed the male skeletons, which were an older and a younger man found placed beside each other and are from an era about 700 years prior and the rocks in their mouths reveal the ancient fear of revenants.

In Irish folklore, there is a tradition of revenants. It has been suggested that Bram Stoker, an author, got the brainwave for Dracula not from a Romanian folk story but from an Irish legend that was about a wicked chief who had to be killed 3 times after he came back seeking blood to uphold him.

4 Famous Personalities You Didn’t Know Had Slave Ancestors

The majority of black Americans are supposed to have slavery ancestry. Slavery is the one disrespectful epoch in American history that can never fade away. Even the lush celebrities are connected to slavery.

Following are some big personalities you had no idea about their slave ancestors.

#1. Oprah Winfrey

When Oprah was offered with the papers listing her motherly great-great-ancestors Grace and John Lee as belongings, she stated that it’s one of the causes she worked so hard. She felt like she had no right to be tired because she knew she came from this. Oprah drew her roots to Violet and Constantine, were born in 1839 and 1836, respectively. Though the poll where Constantine first appeared after liberation discloses that he cannot read or write even at age 35.

#2. Morgan Freeman

In the 1930s and 1940s, The Federal Writers’ Project their workers to interview former slaves into the South. There, they interviewed Morgan Freeman’s ancestor – Cindy Anderson of Charleston, Mississippi. It was exposed that her parents had been held by a man named Herbert Cain. Cain bought the two since they were children, he went on to vend Cindy’s father years later when she was just a child. “Not even treated as well as a mule,” Freeman also noted about the buying and selling of his ancestors during a program.

#3. Michelle Obama

In 2009, the genealogist Megan Smolenyak & ‘The New York Times’ traced former first lady Michelle Obama’s lineage to her great-great-great-grandmother. Her ancestor was an enslaved girl named Melvinia. After her owner’s death when she was just 8, was sold for $475 and drove to a family where she got pregnant by a white man in the age of 15.

Even after freedom, Melvinia continued to work close to the house where she was enslaved until her 30s or 40s. The heart-wrenching fact is that in 1938, on her death certificate, “don’t know” was written in parents’ column by a relative. It indicates that she might never know herself.

#4. John Legend

Legend is a successor of Peyton Polly. His owner died in 1847. His luck was with him as upon his owner’s death, Polly and his fellow slaves were freed and some land and money were given to start their new lives. Polly’s eight children were imprisoned all across Kentucky and he like any other father refused to depart the state without them. He and his brother purchased them all in 1849 and shifted to the free state of Ohio.

But this was not a happy ending. In June 1850, a group of white men busted into their home, shot Polly, and abducted all eight children. The white men took those eight children across the Ohio River again into the mud of slavery. There they were sold to Kentucky and Virginia owners. Polly and his family persistently fought for justice. The resultant catastrophe went all the way to the governments of Kentucky, Virginia, and Ohio. Luckily, the Kentucky courts freed the four children, but Virginia declined to concede the legal position of the other four children. They were enslaved for over a decade until liberation happened. Finally, they were able to unite with their family.