A Baby Book in The Family to Memorialize All Adorable Moments

When it comes to making preparations for motherhood, a baby book is a no-brainer. We all want to chronicle all those milestones and adorable moments from the minute you meet the little guy or girl. Unfortunately, it was usually the firstborn for sure that got a filled out baby book; the second baby, maybe a partial filled book and children 3 or 4, etc. No baby book at all; this so because the child is the most loved one.

No matter who had a baby book that is one treasure you need to track down if there were any and where they are now. Usually, the person who the baby book was for has it as an heirloom and could be passed to their children. If you locate one, first thing scans each page or have the person owning it, do the scanning and send you the digital copies. Then look for some of the following information that might be in the book.

Use of baby book in framing memories

There can be birth notice and baby’s first photograph. The date of the birth name of the hospital and its location. As well as extras like height/length, eye color, time of the delivery weight, hair color. Especially for the firstborn, parents kept notes on everything and it all went into the baby book. Things like: baby’s first outing, feeding, and sleeping habits, when they took their first steps, and what were their first words said. Various photos will also be in the book, many with captions about the baby. Also listed are the baby gifts received and wh0 they were from. Here could be the names of relatives you did not even know about. A great resource was the listing of vaccinations and inoculations and any medical conditions (good and bad) the baby may have had. The information in a baby book could even include other siblings if the book is about the 2nd or 3rd child.

Benefits of having a baby book

it is worth locating any family baby book because it gives you an opportunity memorialize your pregnancy with this sweet and stylish journalist You might have an aunt who has in her possession your grandmother’s baby book. Now that would be a fined for sure.