Places Where Fossils Are Incredibly Filling Family Tree

Homo Sapiens are one of the most incredible species. From giant pyramids to reaching the moon, all is the fortune that Hominines brought through evolutions process.

Started as an ape and end up as modern man, various human species appeared and disappeared in history. The reasons are still unknown to scientists.

Below is a short guide showing how arcade man filled our family trees throughout the evolution.

  • Denisovans

Home sapiens didn’t just mate with Neanderthals but with an ancient hominin species called Denisovans too. Its traces can be seen in modern DNA as well, especially in the Asian East people. In 1984, the very first Denisovans molar and bones were found at Siberia.

But in 2010, the researchers identified the species after extracting pinkie bone’s DNA. Later on, the entire Denisovan genome was sequenced. Some fossils are 100,000 and others are 30,000 years old.

  • Homo Naledi

Deep inside the dark sandstone cave in South Africa, paleoanthropologists discovered ancient human called Homo naledi in 2015.

More than 1,500 fossils from fifteen entities were discovered within the Dinaledi Chamber. The bones were probably 335,000 and 236,000 years old. Researchers believe that Homo naledi adults were proximately 4 feet 9 inches tall.

  • Homo Floresiensis

A.K.A the Hobbit because of the small stature —only 3 feet 6 inches tall — this miniature hominin was discovered by an archaeologist, Michael Morwood in the cave of Liang Bua of Flores in eastern Indonesia in 2003.

About a dozen specimen was found on the island. Homo floresiensis fossils are known to be around 60,000 years old. But the researchers have found 700,000-year-old fossils, which might have come from our ancestors. In addition, Homo floresiensis had small brains.

A recent study tried to understand that whether or not the current population of Flores had any hereditary links to Homo floresiensis. However, the examiners found proof of Denisovan and Neanderthal DNA among villagers, but only a few DNAs were matched.

Wrapping Up

There could a fossil right underneath your home, office, or backyard. You could be related to it in several ways. Fossils have helped many of us find our roots.