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The Genetics Diabetes – A Growing Burden in The Society


Metabolic problems arise when abnormal chemical reactions disrupt the systematic breakdown of food into usable forms of nutrients for the body. Such problems result in an imbalance in the hormones required by one to stay healthy. Diabetes, one such metabolic problem, is a chronic disorder that occurs either when the […]

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How Will DNA Testing Transform You?


Your DNA test pitches you to the influential understanding of identifying what makes you exclusive and learning where you come from. Genealogy4u DNA is honoured to be intensifying the lives of users all around the globe. Taking a DNA test gave the nation a better understanding of their background and […]

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Fascinating Genetic Traits You Can’t Afford To Miss

Genetic Traits Solving Your Ancestor Mystery

Have you ever wondered why your hair is red, or why your every family member is lactose intolerant? If yes, you might find it interesting to check out these genetic traits. These traits are associated with your ancestry and will help you understand why your family is one of a […]

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