How to Find Genealogy Details in Land Records?

Geneology4u is your best guide in terms of finding the information regarding the real estate records. With the help of land records, you can simply be able to know a lot about genealogy research easily. According to our experts, these are not just the dry records of buying or selling lands but they are more than that.

Checkout the 11 important things that are smooth for discovering the land records:


  •       Grantor and Grantees Information

Lands are the ones that have the grantor and grantees information. They are particularly known as the sellers and the buyers.

  •       Grantees and Grantors Residents

Mostly not all the people will leave where they have their lands, so residence will have the details of both the givers and recipients. This helps in genealogy research easily.

  •       What Different Document it is?

Legal document will help you understand court records and knowing these will give you an understanding of what is going on.

  •       Land’s Legal Description

This will have the overall details about what went on with your land and how and when it was bought. You will then be able to experience what exactly is being transferred.

  •       The Payment Consideration

The consideration is the amount of payment that a person is giving. Geneology4u website tells you that you the understanding about the price of land. It’s a relationship between the grantor and the grantee.

  •       Land’s Date 

This information is generally linked to the dates of your land, mostly all the documents are not recorded on the same day as they are executed. It can be a lag whether the mark is the date of the document or the date when it’s recorded.

  •       Witnesses Names

In the legal documents, you need to have numerous witnesses. This may not be strange to have witnesses to be neighbor or family members of the grantor or the grantee.

  •       Dower’s Release

Dowers release happens when the wife of the grantor finds that she is giving up any claim that she would have had the land they owned at the time of husband’s death.

  •       Relationship Statements

This part says you about the relationship you share between the grantor or the grantee or the early owner.

  •       Chain of Title

Some details will contain the chain of title that shows who the grantor received the land from. This chain can go back to past owners.

How to Get These Records?

As land records are so crucial in the field of genealogy research, you should visit our website Geneology4u and get the prescribed data with ease. When you inspect our website, you require to submit the full name of yours and then you will receive the important material related to the world of genealogy and its significant elements. You will easily know about land records, relationship statements, dowers release, etc. information that will be sufficient for you in genealogy research and study.

You can thus benefit yourself with growing in the field of genealogy.