What Makes The Genealogy Bond Strong?

What do you have in mind when you hear the word “genealogy?” You may consider your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles and other relatives or family members. Some of you might mention cousins, yet others would say a close friend or neighbors. The definition of the bloodline is individual, and each is important.

Why it is important?

It really does not matter whom you include, we all share one thing. The genealogy involves people we love and those who love us; those we are connected to through a shared history and experience. When we include people in our definition who are not related to us, they are sometimes referred to as an intentional genealogy.

Genealogy is not always blood. It is the people in your life who wants you in their lives; the ones who would do anything to see you smile, the ones who accept you who you are and most importantly who love you no matter what.

AS we all are well aware of the fact that our lives are not consistent when it comes to either happiness or sadness we all have challenges, strengths, and areas where they can grow. Genealogy is not about who is in your bloodline or whom you consider as much as it is about how your heritage functions. Strong genealogies appear in different ways, shapes, and forms. Genealogies can include single parents, two-parent families, grandparents raising grandchildren, foster parents and others.

These common characteristics all contribute to genealogy happiness and strength.

Commitment: They make their relationships a high priority. This is particularly important in co-parenting genealogies. Prepare your generations that it is ok to love all of their parents and siblings; don’t make them feel guilty.

Appreciation: They let other bloodlines know, daily, they were appreciated. Teach and use appreciative language and gestures. Children learn from adult examples.

Communication: The conversation with each other about big problems as well as small problems. Keep your conversations positive, listen to all opinions and don’t forget to lighten the mood with laughter when tensions are running high.

Time Together: They are deliberate about planning activities. Mealtime is a great place to start. Involve members of the family in menu planning, shopping, and food preparation.

Spiritual Wellness: They believe in greater power and have shared beliefs. Model acceptance and tolerance. Share your views about your beliefs and why they are important to you.

Why genealogy4U?

All of the strengths identified are connected and are not mutually exclusive. It is important to look at your current strengths and identify a plan to strengthen areas of weakness. come and Enroll geneology4u to understand your genealogy more accurately to make the inner bond more strong.

How Can Ancestral Clearing Help us in our Lives?

Our bodies were reloaded at birth with the limitation of the ancestors that came before us. These measurable imprints are called genomes. These combinations of amino acids are stored as attachments to our DNA.  They are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound effect on virtually every area of our lives: Behavior, beliefs, resilience to stress and even our healing response.

If we don’t feel good, where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the future and it’s usually not coming from the present. What we carry comes from the past, the hurts from this life and our lineage that were probably never resolved.  We can try to push through or even be positive. This doesn’t usually work, does it? So how do we rewrite the program we have running? A program that affects every aspect of our life: Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual.

The past doesn’t have to equal the future

We don’t have to be victims of a past that our ancestors may have experienced.  Using a simple process that starts with noticing what we feel in our bodies, we can release this old hurt.  By rewriting our story in this way, we can create a future of possibility, well-being, and true fulfillment.

Ancestral Clearing on Genealogy4u is about connecting to the higher power of our understanding.  Through a simple process, we clear the imprints of adversity that have been weighing on us. These unresolved issues have accumulated from our life, our family and our ancestral lineage.

The “Being” part of us doesn’t suffer, it’s just aware of all that shows up. More importantly, however, it’s aware of itself. So when you connect with that direct awareness of who you are, you have access to the narrative that reflects your life experience. This is the story or character bible of our beliefs, expectations, and judgments.

Moving beyond the mind

In conclusion, we need to move beyond the mind and judgment. Moving into the intelligence within the body is the key.  We must go beyond our story and as a result, access the deepest part of our being. This reveals our connection to Source which leads to resolving the root of the issue.

Why geneology4u for ancestral clearing?

At geneology4u, we understand that there is no such thing as the perfect family. Each of us faces our unique challenges and situations. What we do know, however, is that we can face these challenges better with the support of family and friends. Thus the ancestral clearing is really important in all aspects and we are really lucky to be part of an ancestral tree.