How to Do Genealogy in an Organized Way?

When you think about doing genealogy, you may not find the right way to do it initially but when your relatives tell you about the ancient things, you may come back home with bundles of handwritten notes and photocopies on which you have got information related to your grandparents, cousins and more. So are you wondering how you can do genealogy in an established manner? Well, here are the walks that you can take and these things will help you in reaching that direction immediately.

  • Set goals, build habits and track the time
  • Tame your paper
  • Whip the digital collection in the shape
  • Make a genealogy work space
  • Setup the filing system
  • Establish a research log

How to Set the Goals?

Genealogy is no fewer than climbing the mountains. Talking about the theory of ancestors, doubling each generation. This means you will have 2046 ancestors in 10 generations. Now think that every person has the birth record, death record, 6 census record, land documents or immigration record, and few photos. This means you will need to work on over 20k documents. Remember this is not the account information of your ancestor’s children, siblings, and grandchildren. To set the goals, make bigger goals every month. This can include goals like photographing your family cemetery or interviewing your aunt.

Gather the Elements at One Place

Make certain you gather up the documents and photos and place them in one single place. These are the things that you may use:

  • Boxes of photos
  • Immigration records
  • Land deeds
  • Maps
  • County histories
  • Files that you have printed
  • Scrapbooks
  • Vacation memorabilia
  • Postcards
  • Family cards like play tickets, graduation certificates, etc.
  • Emails you have printed
  • Handwritten letters
  • Photo albums
  • Handwritten family trees
  • Paper scraps with research leads and ideas
  • Gather Your Digital Records

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Make a Genealogy Work space

  • This is the time when you know where you will be storing your genealogical records.
  • Set up a work surface where you can put up some maps or charts.
  • Keep the photos in quality boxes or albums so it won’t damage the images.
  • Arrange the books of family histories on your shelves alphabetically.
  • Setup a computer area with your files nearby so you can digitize photos and documents.

Research Log

Make a research log for keeping the tracks of the places you have visited. This research log will help you in getting information about where you have searched, what you have found and how you can create strategies for the future.

Find a Way to Do Genealogy Online

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