Understanding The Pedigree Collapse in Genealogy

Pedigree collapse defines how reproduction between two people who share an ancestor causes the volume of a specific ancestor in the family tree. Their offspring can be shorter than their usual sizes.

What Is the Working Process of Pedigree Collapse?

If there is no pedigree collapse, any person’s ancestor tree is a binary tree made by the parents, the person, the uncles, great cousins, and so on. The quantity of an individual in this type of tree increases rapidly & eventually reaches a higher limit. So the person would have a billion ancestor that has over 30 times in the past or middle ages. This would easily be like more than the total world population at the time.

If you visit our website, you will know that paradox is explained by shared ancestors, which is a part of the pedigree collapse. In place of having all different individuals, the tree should have multiple places attended by a single individual. This thing will happen when ancestor parents are related to each other. For e.g. The generation of two initial cousins have at most 6 great grandparents instead of normal 8. This decrease in ancestors is a pedigree collapse. This can collapse the pedigree tree in the directed acyclic graph.

How this Collapse Affects on Genealogy?

Pedigree collapse affects your genealogical use of autosomal DNA through four factors:

  • The strength of the parent/child relationship (twins having children is the extreme, as Jaimie and Circe Lannister showed us).
  • The distance in times since the collapse (the original sharing gets more random and breaks up segments with each birth event).
  • Whether the occurrence(s) of collapse are isolated or multiplicative (approaching actual endogamy).
  • Whether the reason(s) of collapse affect a single family branch or spans across both your maternal and paternal lines.
Other Factors That Affect This:

Coefficient of Relationship

It’s the act of the degree of consanguinity between two individuals. This is a measure that is most used for genetics and genealogy. This can be calculated for any individual and can typically be one half of the coefficient of relationship between parents.

Identical Ancestor Point

It’s the point in the past where every individual was alive and turned out to be either the ancestor of every human being who is conscious now or has no current living descendants. This point can also be identified as the most recent common ancestor (MRCA).

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