The Bliss of Red Hairs – The Rarest Hair Color

Red is The Uncommon Hair Colour Found in Humans

Only 2-3% of the population has it, hair gets its color shade from natural pigments that are produced in the body called melanin. When the body produces pigment in the large amount called pheomelanin — which has a coral or reddish hue — and low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin, the output is red hair.

The fact that it is inactive means that you might have the redhead gene inside and you never know it. For a person to have red hair, they must transfer a mutation from both of their parents on both copies of the chromosome. Even when a person inherits the suspended gene from parents, it does not always mean that they will have red hair strands.

Redheads and winter climates

You may have listened to the fact that there are more redheads in Ireland than anywhere else in the globe. If you’re looking at sheer numbers, the united states have more redheads than anywhere else in the globe: somewhere between 9–20 million, But Ireland has the highest concentration in aspects of redheads: 20% of the total Irish population has red hair strands, versus 4–8% of the United States population. Red hair is also normal in other countries as well.

Why are there fewer redheads close to the equator?

The answer is genetic selection, the genetic variation that causes red hair is also related to other traits that make it simple to live healthily and survive in colder climates.

Historical faith about red hairs

There is no scientific information about a connection between hair shade and personality, but the convention is that redheads have sudden tempers and sharp expressions. Before the era of advanced medical treatments, Europeans consider that physical traits were related to personality types, and red hairs were linked with the sanguine or idealistic temperament. People with this personality type were believed to be more talkative, charged, friendly, and risk-taking. In the traditional Indian medicinal process of Ayurveda, red hair was associated with the Pitta medical temperament.

Unfortunately, there have also been some destructive negative conventions about redheads throughout history. In medieval times, people thought that red hair and green eyes was the sign of a vampire and werewolf.

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