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Get Clues from the Old Family Photographs


At times, we have a single photo to start our genealogy research or examine, but that one photograph can acquiesce various valuable clues. Start with these easy steps: Step #1: Digitize and “restore” the photograph (if required) It is used and recommended to use advanced software for editing the old […]

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Family Reunion? Use these Tips to Impress Everyone

Nurture your Relationships

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s sweet memories. Family Reunions bring everyone together and make the bond even stronger. You might have cousins that you last met in your childhood. Planning a day to bring everyone together at the same place will help you to get closer to your loved ones […]

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Four Times When Genealogy Broke the Historical Mysteries


“Genealogy solved a new mystery” has always been in headlines. Genealogical DNA testing has fast-forwarded the case resolving capabilities with advanced technologies in the past years. Check out our list of some controversial mysteries those were solved using genealogy: #1. Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia The legend of Princess Anastasia was […]

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