Celebrities with Russian Roots – The Game of Genealogy!


Genealogy has never failed to shock us from the end results. In fact, many celebrities have come to know about their roots and were totally surprised with it. Well-known celebrities and politicians have their familial roots in Russia.

Below are the celebrities whose name could be surprising to be in this catalog.

So hold back! We are about to reveal those celebrities who are actually Russian.

#1: Nick Clegg

The politician Nick Clegg is a former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK 2010-15. Apart from that, Sir Nicholas William Peter Clegg has Russian Ancestry. His grandmother Baroness Kira Von Engelhardt was a Russian aristocracy member who fled St. Petersburg after Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Moreover, Countess Moura, Clegg’s great aunt was also a Russian, who the British government suspected a spy for years.

#2: Joaquin Phoenix

What? Shocked? Joaquin Phoenix seems to have no connection with Russia, if that’s what your mind saying right now, you should make it ready for the biggest precision. You might not get an idea from Joaquin’s name of being Russian, but his mother came from a Russian and Hungarian Jewish family. That’s how your favorite Joker is Russian!

#3: Pamela Anderson

The Playboy model and Baywatcher was unaware of being Russian. Her great-grandfather was born in Finland, which at that time was a part of Russia. In fact, her great-grandmother was also Russian. Pamela’s family lived in a lie that they were Dutch but everything changed after knowing the truth. Perhaps, that’s what called destiny!

#4: Leonardo Dicaprio

The heart stealer and an Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, as the surname gives you a hint, is a Russian. Besides, her grandmother from his mother’s side was born Russian. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin called DiCaprio “a real man” or in Russian “muzhik.” Leonardo set up his own environmental protection foundation in Russia in 1998. The major motive of this foundation was to save Amor Tigers and the summit was hosted by Putin himself.

Wrapping Up

See! Genealogy has many secrets. Even celebrities are finding this technique useful for discovering their roots. So when will you consult a genealogist?

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