Descendants of Famous Personalities – How they Live and what they have Become?

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People’s capability is first and foremost inclined by societal factors. Genes play an inferior role. Perhaps, this is the reason for some talented people having ordinary children and descendants. Our compilation has proved this idea.

Charles Dickens & Great-Great-Grandson Harry Lloyd

You might have seen Harry Lloyd in the world-famous TV series, Game of Thrones. Surprisingly, he is a great-great-grandson of the famed Victorian age writer Charles Dickens. The British actor has worked in many shows and movies, including the ‘Great Expectations’ based on his great-great-grandfather’s novel.

Fyodor Dostoevsky & Great-Grandson Dmitry Dostoevsky

Dmitry resembles his great-grandfather in terms of appearance and attitude. According to Dmitry, he finds it interesting to meet different people and try new things. Consequently, he has tried 28 diverse jobs. From a tram driver to tour guide, he has done everything. Now he is retired.

Pablo Picasso & Granddaughter Diana Widmaier Picasso

Diana has strong genes and her law degree tells it all. After completing her degree, in Sorbonne, she became a researcher in fine art. She arranges expositions and works as a mentor for auctions and collectors. She also wrote a book about her grandfather Picasso- ‘Art Can Only Be Erotic.’

Che Guevara & Daughter Aleida Guevara March

Aleida is the youngest daughter of Ernesto. She is a pediatrician and has worked in Ecuador, Angola, and Nicaragua. She is experienced in allergy-related problems. Aleida has an active political and social. She helps disabled and refugee children.

Grace Kelly & Granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi is an independent woman. She is a journalist, businesswoman, a philanthropist, a happy mother, an athlete, and the 8th legatee to the Throne of Monaco. She has a heart of gold as she protects the endangered species and environment. Furthermore, she supports juvenile talent by offering them scholarships and internships.

Bonus: Eminem & Daughter Hailie Scott

The Rap God Eminem’s daughter Hailie Scott is unsure about her future. She graduated from college in psychology. She is fond of the beauty industry. Though, she has been spotted in any beauty events yet. All she knows is that she is not going to follow her father’s footsteps.

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