Different Ways Our Ancestors Were Healthier Than US

Ancestors Were Healthier than us

Many people assume that we have it better than our ancestors did. However, it may be true in some aspects when it comes to technology and other advancements. When while talking about health and well-being, they had a shorter life expectancy than us. Though, there were fewer multitudes of ailments that we suffer these days.

So there are different ways that are the reasons why we are less healthy than our ancestors.

Let’s check them out!

They Ate Better Food

Our ancestor’s diets included farm-fresh food all through their lives. Animals were not fed soy or GMO corn food. Besides, they didn’t have the antibiotics back then that we use to make animals larger at a very younger age. There were zero processed, glucose-laden, sodium filled, pre-packaged non-foods that provide no nutrition. We have really drifted from the hale and hearty ways that our great-grandparents used to consume. Eating boxed or canned food is normal for many of us, which didn’t exist X years ago. These foods are associated with various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

What to do: What you put inside your body is reflected outside. Go for fresh and local organic food whenever it’s possible. Pastured and grass-fed meats are a healthier substitute over grain-fed animals. Preparing meals at home and shunning processed & fast food improves entire health and welfare.

They Used Herbal Medicine

Long before drug companies started making millions of dollars, our ancestors used herbs to cure their ailments. Nature has given us many plants and herbs that are capable of curing most of the common problems. From seasonal cold to headaches, plants and leaves have the ability to prevent these problems for the long run.

What to do: Rather than taking medicines such as sleeping pills, go for natural plants that cure sleeplessness and insomnia. Lavender and chamomile have the ability to soothe your senses. So gulp down lavender/chamomile teas to have a better sleep. Also, these have null side-effects, so, you can use it worry-free.

They Spent More Time Outside

The era of our ancestor was all about working hard getting food outside. In today’s modern life, we work by sitting at one place right in front of our computers, laptops, and smartphones. Farming, gardening, hunting, etc. were the basic duties back then that just not used to provide food but also used to exercise the bodies. Now we just sit staring our screens and getting stressed about the deadlines.

What to do: The best way to keep your mind and body vigorous is to spend most of the time in nature. Sun exposure will provide sufficient vitamin D essential for our bodies to function properly. Being outside, helps you to connect with the world around you.

Make these three changes in your life and lifelike your ancestors – a healthy, happy, and stress-free life!

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