Family Heritage Testing is Preparing for Emotional Reactions

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The availability of family heritage testing has made exploring genealogy popular and easy to do. This has led to many interesting stories of people meeting long lost family members, learning that their ancestral research is not what they thought, and even discovering that they are not genetically related to people they thought were bloodline.

Much has been written about secret concerns related to family heritage testing and how that information is shared, it seems there is small attention giving to preparing people for the sentiments they may experience in reaction to what they may explore. This preparation includes considering what people’s expectations are for the testing, and how best to handle surprising results (“bad or good”).

Genealogy connection and family heritage testing

Discovering “new” genealogy members through family heritage testing can trigger a variety of emotions, including happiness, anxiety, sadness, or even anger. The emotional experience may be so intense that many websites sites state they are not liable for any “emotional distress” that may result from using the service.

If you are considering consumer family heritage testing, think carefully about your motivation for your search. What do you hope to learn? What are you excited about? The question arises What will you do if you get unexpected results (for example, your DNA suggests that your roots are not in Ireland as you thought, or that it is unlikely that you are biologically related to your genealogy)? Do you anticipate trying to connect with family members you never knew you had? What will you do if you can’t make those connections? What will you do if you can? How will these new people fit into your life and the genealogy you’ve always known?

Family heritage testing can collect information about your genealogy that you never knew and never even thought about. This can be exciting and can broaden your thinking. It can also be disconcerting to learn about discrepancies between what you thought you knew about your genealogy and what the results from the testing provided. And for some people, it may not bring the direction and insight they had hoped for or may raise issues around bloodline relationships that are difficult to handle.

Why geneology4u?

According to our certified and trained experts, In the end, the results of heritage testing do not change who you are as a person. But it may provide interesting information about your ancestral tree and result in a powerful emotional experience. Be prepared with a plan and a support system.

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