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The Scientific Method of ancestral research can be used to help answer family heritage questions. The Scientific Method provides a logical framework to answer questions that can be addressed with a testable hypothesis. Although the steps or stages of the scientific method, a summary of the steps that work well when attempting to answer a genealogical question include the following steps:

  • Define the question
  • Gather information and resources (observe)
  • Form hypothesis
  • Experiment and collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Interpret data and conclude (that may serve as a starting point for new hypothesis)
  • Publish results
  • Retest (frequently done by others)

But, don’t genealogists already have a standard for genealogical research? Isn’t the Genealogical Proof Standard the genealogist’s equivalent of The Scientific Method?

The Genealogical Proof Standard includes four elements:

  • A reasonably exhaustive search;
  • Complete and accurate source citations;
  • Analysis and correlation of the collected information;
  • Resolution of any conflicting evidence;

What is the benefit of using a scientific method?

The Genealogical Proof Standard provides four elements that must be met to establish that a genealogical conclusion has been proved but does not provide a framework or plan on how to conclude. The Scientific Method, on the other hand, does provide a logical sequence of steps that help the genealogist conclude and can also help satisfy the four elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard.Geneology4u will help you to learn more about your ancestors using appropriate scientific methods to learn more about your ancestors

The genealogy websites does not need to use the Scientific Method to satisfy the four elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard but, in many situations, The Scientific Method can help the genealogy websites to reach a soundly reasoned conclusion that includes analysis and correlation of the collected information and resolution of conflicting evidence.

Why geneology4u?

However, The Scientific Method does not produce proof, but instead generates evidence, positive and negative, to support or refute the hypothesis. In general, hypotheses cannot be proven but can be disproven. Furthermore, The Scientific Method by itself does not necessarily satisfy the Genealogical Proof Standard. Enroll geneology4u to know more about your history, ancestor problems, and diseases, etc using the best scientific method.

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