Five Great Genealogy TV Shows to watch: Learn how to build your family tree

Finding Your Roots TV Show

Just incase you think genealogy is boring and could never interest you, here are some top television programs that will prove you woefully wrong, educate you and entertain you along the way!

1. Finding Your Roots

This television series was first aired on PBS in 2012. Each episode showcases the search into the family history of famous or well known individuals. They use different techniques to uncover the family tree of the guest. The family tree is assembled using data from a combination of historical family records as well as DNA research.

There have been episodes of Sir Richard Branson, Maya Rudoph, Nas, Bill O’Reilly, Deval Patrick, etc.

Here is a preview episode showing the history and family tree of music mogul Sean Combs also known as Diddy.

2. Who Do You Think You Are

This television show was created in Britain but has an American adaptation of the same name.  The show also traces genealogies of celebrities and builds the family tree of celebrities, such as Jeremy Irons, Peter Garrett, Ben Mendelson, etc.

Here is an episode of the show featuring Bryan Cranston, the star of Breaking Bad (Walter White)


3. Genealogy Roadshow

This a unique show that has intriguing stories and mysteries. Family secrets are uncovered using research to build the family tree. This is a great show and might be one of the most educative and entertaining. Viewers will see how valuable and helpful genealogy is. Professional genealogists help everyday people unlock gaps and in their family history. If you watch closely you can learn about how different documents and records can be used to build family trees.

Here you will see one episode where the show helps a family uncover the history of their family home which in turn helps them to learn so much more about their ancestors.


4. History Detectives

Yet another PBS show that unveils mysteries from the past but with a twist. In History Detectives an investigator will be given a case by and individual who will usually provide an item such as a family heirloom, something from a private museum, etc. The investigator will have to identify and authenticate the artifact. Finding out if the item is of historical significance or if it leads to some useful information that can be used to search out facts and shed light on family legends and local myths.

Here is the preview of an interesting episode where the Historical Detectives traced the history of Bob Dylan’s Guitar!

5. Ancestors in the Attic

Ancestors in the Attic is a Canadian television show that was hosted by a professional genealogist.

Here is a clip from an episode that traces the family history of America’s 16th President Abe Lincoln


If you would like to know more about your family history and begin building your own family tree. Click here to find out How to Research and Create Your Own Unique Family Tree

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