Could Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor be related?

Floyd Mayweather vs Connor Mcgregor

The highly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor is fast approaching and everyone is pumped up to see the two living legends go head to head in the ring. The meeting of the two in an actual fight seemed like the last thing that could ever happen but now we have a date set for the fight. The two fighters are going to make history with this one-of-a-kind match up and make tons of money while they are at it. The fact that this bizarre match up will actually happen comes as a big surprise, but wouldn’t it be more surprising to find out that the two fighters were actually related? By looking at the two fighters you wouldn’t think there is a remote possibility that they are connected in any way. However, genealogical connections go further back than you can imagine. If you go back far enough, you will find that the most unlikely people are related in one way or another. People’s family trees usually connect them through different aspects as we shall explore on this article.

History of the name McGregor

First off, we focus on the McGregor name and go deep into its history to find out where exactly it originates from and how it has been passed on over the years. The first attention-grabbing feature about the surname is its Scottish descent. The name was Anglicized from the Scottish Gaelic name MacGriogair. The Gaelic name meant something; it stood for the son Griogar.’ The name was Gaelicized from Gregory and was used by members of the clan Clan Gregor, which also went by the name Clan MacGregor. In the 18th century, the name was stifled several times since the clan was unruly and authorities then were working on stamping it out completely.

In the United States, the first name McGregor has been used quite a number of times. The total number of babies born with the name from 1880 is recorded as 72 babies. The name has spread through time and now over 15,000 people carry the name, which means if you met 100,000 people in your life time, it is very probable that 5 of them are named McGregor.


Looking at the history of the Mayweather name

The name Mayweather comes from Mereworth in England, a fact that makes things a little interesting. The ancient Saxon village of Mereworth dates all the way back to 843, at that time it was listed as Meranworth, whose meaning is, the enclosure of a man named Maera.’

The name Mayweather is associated with a person with a sunshiny disposition, one who is happy and warm. The first forms of the name date back to 1273 as records show that there was an Andrew Muriweder from Oxfordshire, and in Cambridgeshire there was a Thomas Muriweder.Spelling variations of the name have influenced its evolution through the years to its current spelling. It is important to note that, back in the early days, names took on many spellings and it depended on whowas taking the records. Some spelling variations include; Merreweather, Merriweather, Mereworth, and Merworth among many others.

How it is possible Mayweather and McGregor are related?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. with Irish Flag v Conor McGregor holding the MoneyThese are interesting facts to consider. Genealogy uses similar facts to trace a person’s roots centuries back. The fact that the two names originate from relatively the same area means that there is a chance the two fighters could share some relations down their genealogical lines. In genetic testing, people who thought they had white ancestry have been surprised to find out otherwise and there are African-Americans who were surprised to find out that they shared some genetic material with white Europeans. The science behind it has improved so much that the slightest similarities can be seen. Scientists have narrowed down differences
in genetic makeup to one chemical letter, a type of difference known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphism. The difference is so slight that you might not notice it physically even though it exists.

This could be the same thing about the two fighters. Think about it for a second, Conor McGregor says that he is Irish to the bone, couldn’t be anything else, but we just found out from publicly
available records that the name is actually of Scottish decent! And what are the odds that the two fighters should have surnames that originate from the same region. It boggles the mind to think about it but the origin of one’s name says a lot about their descent.

Research your Family Tree now

Will we ever know if Mayweather and McGregor have any chance of sharing single lineage, well of course not, unless they obliged to a DNA test. However, the marvels of genealogy suggest that this is much more likely than you can imagine.


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