Four Times When Genealogy Broke the Historical Mysteries


Genealogy solved a new mystery” has always been in headlines. Genealogical DNA testing has fast-forwarded the case resolving capabilities with advanced technologies in the past years. Check out our list of some controversial mysteries those were solved using genealogy:

#1. Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia

The legend of Princess Anastasia was a rumored escape of the royal Russian family in 1918. In 1991, Romanians used to believe that they belong to Romanovs, discovered in Yekaterinburg. But no claim is true without proof. The genealogists reached out to Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth II’s husband) for help. Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh is the grand nephew of Tsarina (Anastasia’s mother). Philip’s Mitochondrial DNA matched to the found bodies. Every Romanov family member was accounted, counting Anastasia. Hence proved, she hadn’t escaped, but been put to death with the entire family.

#2. Abraham Lincoln’s Mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln

The U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s ancestry has been the massive piece of historian’s debate. Nancy Hanks was an illegitimate child of Lucy Hanks. In 2015, a bunch of genealogists undertook the responsibility to unwrap the truth through, again, Mitochondrial DNA test of Hanks descendants. This test proved that Ann Lee and Joseph Hanks were the maternal grandparents of Abraham Lincoln. Genealogy solved another mystery!

#3. Secret Second Family of Charles Lindbergh

The Germany brothers, Dyrk, David, and Astrid Bouteuil, had always known their father as a mystery man named Careu Kent until 1974. They found his true identity to be Charles Lindbergh. He was the first to cross Atlantic solo that too by plane. In 2003, the families were reunited with the help of genealogy. That’s why people call genealogy the relationship creator.

#4. Warren G Harding’s Child Love

Another U.S. president with another mystery! The Blessing family said that they are the descendants of US President Warren G Harding as their ancestor, Nancy Briton, had an affair with him. The love letters passed from generations to generations but the truth was unclear. Finally, a DNA test took this mystery out of the dark and it came out that Elizabeth was Harding’s daughter. That’s how genealogy never fails to surprise us!

These mysteries had never been easy to solve without genealogy. So why don’t you use this amazing technique to find your roots and unleash the truth?

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