Genealogy and Family Antiquity Research Process


Genealogy is the execution of a pedigree; it is the abstraction of families, family history, and discovering their lineages. Genealogists exert oral consultation, historical testimony, genetic analysis, and other evidence to retrieve reports about a family and to authenticate relations and heredity of its members.

The genealogy4u teams are contrived up of experienced genealogists and family history professionals with considerable research and genealogical background.

Our Association task

No one knows your family lineages more than you. Our association begins with you notifying us what you know and what you want to explore.

A particular research project initiated with a basic discussion about you, the research manager, and you’re labeled Client Relationship Manager. You will be able to express your needs to the team, and we will lead you through the investigation process while using our trained expertise to figure the best way to reach your goals.

Setting Appropriate Objectives

Similar to your family, every research project is different. The strength to identify family stories depends on different number factors:

  • The time being researched.
  • The area to which your ancestors lived.
  • The availability of testimony and documents for the time and location.
  • The number of family lines being explored.


Genealogy is precisely a varied obsession as there are so many ways that you can research your heritage and there are sources of information.

Your progenitor counts on you to retrospect them, Genealogy is all about to expel your tale.

Genealogy Research Techniques

Learn how to use creative techniques to uncover tough-to-find ancestors

You will get a professional idea of defining research techniques, understanding the information you identify, keeping accurate track of your data, analyzing the information, and developing a conclusion.

The advanced technique demonstrates you, about how to unearth specific details by taking benefits of advanced tools and software programs and using best practices for breaking through the brick walls that have to delay your progress.


  • consider the brick wall in a report to find imaginable weak spots that can be exploited into a breakthrough
  • Apply brute force techniques that authorize no stone unturned
  • Obtain true copies of original records rather than secondary sources
  • inquire the family, co-workers, and neighbors of your brick-wall ancestors
  • Consult with your close family members, neighbors, and associates to get a fresh viewpoint on your research.
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