Genealogy your Fortune – Teller

Genealogy your Fortune – Teller

They say the best way to predict the future is to create one.

I say, Let Genealogy be your Fortune-Teller!

Yes!!! You read it absolutely right. Genealogy is not just about finding your family tree and telling everything about your ancestry; in fact, you can discover the coming future as well.

No!!! It doesn’t involve any Hocus-Pocus. Almost every living thing on this planet has deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which carries genetic information and hereditary traits. Therefore it’s easy to envisage the development, growth, reproduction, and growth of your coming generation and you. How does it do it? You will find out now!

So hold your horses & say Alakazam!


Everybody knows that intelligence relies on inherent & some external factors like the social background and teaching quality. Experts say that Genealogy technique can be used to forecast one’s intelligence and academic excellence.

Processionals, in 2010, have discovered that a normal intellectual capability is distributed in the same genetic and environmental factors. All thanks to the high-level of polygenic that helps brain function perfectly to solve even the most complex problem of Mathematics or any other subject.

Hence, if somebody has a low polygenic level, chances are that the person will have average academic performance.

Verdict: Tests are the basic future predictors of the students, which genealogist can use well.

Appearance and Physical Attributes

Every couple is curious to know how their baby will look like. Well, genealogy has solved it like a pro. DNA controls the distribution of appearances such as the shape and size of the nose, eyes, lips, and the entire body. If your grandfather had blue eyes, chances of your future child having them are pretty high.

Apart from this, crime branches use genealogy DNA tests to figure out the appearance of the criminal based on thing found on the crime scene. This is called ‘DNA PHENOTYPING.’ When used in forensic, it augments the chances of solving a case as the face of a criminal is known and now the only task is to catch him/her.

Verdict: Genealogy is completely ethical and can draw a rough sketch of a person’s features/appearance.

Death Prediction

Death is a subject that most of us want to know and avoid in the chorus. Many scientists believe that DNA and Death has a close relationship. Telomere, a thread that combines 46 chromosomes of DNA, has a crucial role discover how long a person will live. This ribbon is long on the time of birth and keeps on decreasing over the years. Consequently, it becomes inactive or even dies.

Besides, experts have also discovered that there are a few factors, which shorten Telomere’s length. The major factor is stress. Those who have had a traumatic childhood because of maybe bullying, child abuse, or some incident, tend to have short Telomere. Therefore, are suspected to live till the age of 40-50. However, a change in lifestyle and mental setup can help you build strong Telomere.

Verdict: As even scientists believe that genealogy can be the pathway to predict someone’s life-span, it can be a powerful tool to save lives as well.

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