Gotcha! 5 Genealogy Myths & Fibs Busted

You might have been people saying that “my great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess” or “my ancestor’s surname was changed at Ellis Island.” Right? What if I tell you these are misperceptions, assumed by people for years? Well, the internet has to play the biggest role in that. Well, today, we will expose the truth muffled underneath these myths and fibs.

So let’s uncover everything layer by layer!

Myth 1: Descendent of Indian Princess

We all have grown listening to the stories of Indian – frequently, Cherokee – are most common. Well, it’s true that most of the Americans are evolved from Indians but not particularly from a princess. In fact, according to some studies, there hardly has been a concept of royalty in Indian tribes. So if somebody tells you about Indian princess ancestry, you know the truth.

Myth 2: Involvement with 3 Immigrant Brothers

Hardly there have been people who haven’t heard about three immigrant brothers. They were immigrated to the USA and separated. However, aphorisms have no particular proof of their named or appearances. Well, the truth is suspicious so as the claims of their ancestries. So, if someone tells you about this story; do your research and go with the facts.

Myth 3: Courthouse on fire

Many of us might have called county courthouse about the deed or will, just to hear “in the late 1800s the courthouse was burnt and all the records are gone”? Fire, flood and various other catastrophes were common, particularly in the South region, where the civilian raged the war. But ‘records lost in the fire’ isn’t the complete legitimacy. Even if the records from courthouse are lost, what about other documents for say, church baptismal in which birth of your grandfather has been registered?

Myth 4: Family Crest

People, often, use a term, ‘crest’ interchangeably with the coat of arms. It’s in fact, a component of the coat of arms. However, neither of these belongs to a surname. Instead, a coat of arms right is transferable only to the male descendant of the family. So to claim a coat of arm, firstly you have to be a male.

Myth 5: Only Professionals can have Source Citations

“I am doing family-tree evolution just for fun. Is it obligatory to go through monotonous of citation sources?” The answer is – YES! Genealogy information records can be beneficial for n-numbers of benefits and some of which are:

  • It will give you nights without worries of knowing who was your great-great-grandpa
  • It saves time as you don’t have to start from scratch to find new information
  • It helps to figure out the reliability of the gathered records

The Verdict

Discover your family history by using progressive technology instead of believing in myths. Just choose your family-tree, go with the facts and proofs, and know where you belong in this crowded world.

So let the journey begins!

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