Have You Ever Used Family Tree Maker Software?

Have You Ever Used Family Tree Maker Software?

Culture Genealogy Society

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy

When creating your family tree, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all of the information you find neat and organized.  Often times you are flooded with information from several different sources and after all of the work you are putting into it, you want to make sure that everything stays together and accurate.  Some people turn to the help of a computer software that they can load onto their computer for assistance.

When considering purchasing software to create your family tree, you want to invest in the product that is going to give you the most for your money.  Probably the most popular software on the market for creating your family tree is the Family Tree Maker from Ancestory.com.  It is one of the best and you can find it at www.familytreemaker.com.  There are several great features that are available with this software.  This software allows you to upload your own videos, audio clips and pictures.  You can also create a timeline, reports, charts and, of course, family trees to keep your information organized.  Plus, you can easily add information that you find from other sites into this program that is able to store it for you.  Plus, since it is from Ancestory.com, you can easily use the two together.  You can also easily search the internet and connect to other genealogy sites like Rootsweb in order to collect and save vital information.  Another great feature with the Family Tree Maker software is that you are able to print out keepsakes by using the Ancestory.com’s online printing service.  You are able to print out family history books or posters of the family tree you create.  With this software you can also add specific information for one person at a time.  You can then build on the person’s history by added their parents, their siblings, their spouse, and their children.  You can also add important dates to the person’s profile like when they where born and what year they died.  Or you can add information like where they lived.  Once this data is entered Family Tree Maker software will show you on a map where that place is.   Another great option is that this software allows you to publish your family tree online for other members of you family to view.  Being able to share what you have put together is one of the most rewarding parts of creating a family tree.  Of course with all of these wonderful features comes a price.  The software is not too expensive but you might be interested in finding a free software for your computer that will do almost the same things.

My Heritage.com offers a free download of a family tree software called Family Tree Builder.  It is available at this website https://www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder.  Of course you are not going to get all of the extended options like you would on a software that you have to pay for but the options it does offer is worth it for something that is free.  This software allows you to do the basics like upload pictures and documents just like with Family Tree Maker.  And with Family Tree Builder you can publish your family tree on the internet for your friends and family members to view.  But with the Family Tree Builder software you can tag the people you recognize in a photograph and makes that information readily available.