How Long Will You Live? Genealogy Will Tell You !

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Have you ever wished to know when will you die? Well, we all have wished the same at some point in our lives. But it just stays in our wish-list because it’s not scientifically possible to predict how long will a person live. Not when you have Genealogy by your side. By considering genealogy’s certain aspects; your life span can be predicted.

How does it work? Find out below!

Telomere Length

Telomere is the DNA strands present at its ends. These caps protect DNA cells from any harm and keep it safe and sound. To simply put, stronger the telomere, the longer you will live. The telomere size can be varied by making some changes in your lifestyle and what you are putting inside your body. Some effective steps to enhance your telomere include – using maca root, consuming astragalus, working out, and reducing stress.

Oxidation Prevention

Some people have the capability to reduce radical naturally. And many of us are blessed with the capability to reuse their antioxidants over and over again. This enhances their lineage and effectiveness. If you too want to minimize oxidation just reduce the cortisol along with the stress. In addition, you can take antioxidants and vitamin-c rich, vitamin-E, alpha lipoic acid, and astaxanthin food. Melatonin has also proven to be a strong antioxidant. This hormone reduces stress on a high-level.

Natural Defense Development

People whose ancestors had serious diseases might have a poor immune system. That’s because of the virus or bacteria transfer generations to generations. If genealogy finds any sign of conical disease in your ancestry, chances of you having the same diseases in the future are a bit high. You can undo that by developing a strong defense mechanism. Consume a high amount of vitamin-c, vitamin-D and drink plenty of water. Also, don’t forget to take at least 8-hours sleep.

DNA Testing

Of course, DNA testing is the only scientific way through which you can find out your current health condition and predict future health issues. Besides, you can get your DNA tested and get a suitable fitness plan along with diet plan as well.

It’s better you look back at your ancestry and make crucial changes in your lifestyle than to over-think about your future health.

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