Look at These Examples of Awesome Family Trees

Awesome Family Trees

10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy

Maybe your heart is into creating a family tree but, the task might be overwhelming for you.  Maybe the only family trees you have seen look so complicated that they are hard to understand let alone create one.  But building a family tree is easy if you are able to follow a format.

After you have collected all of the names and important dates of your relatives, you may not know how to place them neatly in a family tree so that it is organized and easy to read.  The best thing to do is to use an example of a family tree to copy.  Some internet sites give examples of family trees so that is easier to put in the information you have collected to make them personal.  This will give you an idea of where to put each person’s name and how to descend the line of your ancestors  back as far as you can go.  You also have the choice of paying for a family tree to be professionally done.  Several sites are available where you can give them your photos or the names of the people you would like on your family tree and they will charge a fee to create it for you. This is a nice idea for a gift for someone for if you would like to display your family tree in your home.  But, having someone else creates this masterpiece for you take the fun out of it.  Part of the fun is filling out the names and dates yourself or with your family.  There are also sites on the internet where you can find the family tree templates that you can fill out.  It is very easy to fill out one of these charts with all of your personal information.http://obituarieshelp.org/genealogy_forms_downloads.html  This site has several different free downloadable forms.  Here you will find a printable free family tree chart.  This chart allows spaces for family member’s names, the date they were born, who they were married to and the date that they died.  It is very easy to use, keeps information organized, and allows the user a straightforward way of filling in the information.

Family Tree

Other family trees are more decorative.http://www.thetreemaker.com/samples/family-tree-example.html  This site offers family trees that you can buy and fill out on you own.  They are a little bit fancier in style.  There are several different one to choice from and several different options to make them personal are available.

http://genealogy.about.com/od/free_charts/ig/genealogy_charts/family_tree.htm  This is another great site to find the charts you will need to fill out your family tree.  It is at About.com:Genealogy.  They offer three different designs for you to choose from.  These charts are a wonderful alternative for people who don’t have the best handwriting.  From this site you are able to download the chart and fill it out on you computer.  From there all you have to do is print it out.  Plus this site is also free of charge.

Here is a site that also offers a wide variety of charts for you to record your family tree and any other important work sheets that you might need to research your family tree.   http://www.familytreemagazine.com/freeforms  It is a family tee magazine where you can find a lot of different information that pertains to researching your family tree.

So gather your family together to create a family tree together.  This is a great way to teach younger kids about who they are.

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