Most Well Guarded Secrets About Genetics


Genetics is acknowledged to be the subject of heredity. This is an organic process where a parent moves on the genes in his or her children or offspring. Every child gets the genes from his or her biological parents & these genes thus reveal some specific traits. Traits can be physical like hair, eye color, skin color, etc. whereas few genes may have the risk of certain diseases & disorders that may pass on from parents to offspring.

  • Genes in the Cell – Genes is the genetic information that exists in the cell nucleus of every living cell in the body. Information can be included in our site. This can be considered as some part of genetic information comes from father while another part comes from mother.
  • Chromosomes – Genes stay in heredity, human beings have 23 pairs of these small thread lookalike structures in the nucleus of their cells. Half of the 46 chromosomes come from the mother and the other 23 comes from father.

Have genes and these genes are just like pages of the book. Few chromosomes may carry thousands of important genes, while a few may carry a few ones. Nucleic acid and genes are made up of chemical substances known to be DNA. Nucleic acids are long thin strands of DNA that are coiled up tightly.

One point along with their lengths, each chromosome has a limitation, known as the centromere. Centromere can divide the chromosomes into two arms, long and short. Heredity are basically numbered from one to twenty-two, known as the autosomes. X and y chromosomes are known to be sex genes. The x gene is larger than the y gene.

  • Chemical Base– Genes are made up of different codes of chemical bases that are made up of A, T, C, and G. Better recognized as the adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine. These chemical bases form the combination with permutations and combinations. These chemical theories are the part of DNA, the words when accommodate together act as blueprints that tell when and how to grow. With advancing age, genes may affect and develop faults & damages due to environment and endogenous toxins.
  • Males and Females– Women have 46 genetic code in their body cells. Half of this chromosome is in their egg cells. While males have 46 chromosomes in their body. Half of these plus one x and one y chromosome are in their sperm cells.
  • Genes and Genetics– Every gene is a genetic information piece. All the DNA in the cell is made up of the individual genome. In total, there are 20k genes found and one of the 23 genetic code pairs are found in the nucleus.

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