Relationship of Various Regions with Genealogy in the World

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Ever wondered how genealogy is like in various parts of the world? Yes! I too have wondered the same. That’s why have picked three most popular and over-the-top regions that have always been in the headlines for their diversity and culture. Of course, where culture gets diverse, genealogy has everything to do with it.

So explore every region as per their genealogy!

  • Region Africa

Africa has hundreds of diverse languages, groups, religions, and customs, divided among numerous political borders. The continent is divided into various areas – North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa a.k.a. ‘Black Africa’, which further is divided into west, east, central, and southern regions.

Most of the North region inhabitants are leaped by the Mediterranean Sea. The preponderance of the land is covered by Sahara desert and its inhabitants are called ‘Arabs.’ This helps in examining the Genealogy of African people.

Islamic religion has influenced most of the African from Asian southern region. However, the language of Arabs is combinational. Sub-Saharan Africa consist world’s oldest civilization ever existed.

Western Africa had various kingdoms such as Igbo. British held western Africa and established Christianity along with English language as their National Language. There are around 11 million Zulu people in Africa most out of which speak English because of the influence of Christianity.

That’s how the diverse genealogy has hit the language, culture, and religion of Africans.

  • Region India

It’s not a hidden fact that India is HUGE! In terms of languages, culture, traditions, and even their clothes, India has massive genealogic aspects. With 22 official languages and 19,500 mother tongues, variation in genealogy is a no big surprise. Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians are the major religions that divide areas and people. From food to traditions, the disparity is pretty amazing.

The different genealogy has influenced Indian art as well. Every religion has its own traditional dance and music forms.

Apart from the disparity of cultures, in most of the regions, families of three or more generations live together. It’s called joint family. That’s how tradition is transferred from one generation to another.

  • Region Germany

Germany is home to many ancient Germanic people. The 91% of the total population 82 million of Germanic are ethnic German. About 2,000 years ago, Germanic tribes get extended in North European area. While the Romans were at the peak of their power, there have been multiple stories of Germany-Romans conflict.

Germans have always been so talented that they get their spot in various niches no matter what. They are great builders, politicians, and inventors. That implies how the successors are still having these skills.

They say change is the creator of impossible. Well, it is true and these regions are the epitome of that!

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