The Supplies You will Need to Indulge in Genealogy Research

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10:00 AM – March 15, 2015 by Paul Murphy

The type of supplies that you would need for genealogy is very different from the types of supplies that you would need with the average hobby.  It is basically information and the types of things that you would use to get the information.

Genealogy starts with word of mouth.  As you engage in genealogy research start by talking to you relatives, you can gather a lot of information.  The average person would not think that they would need supplies when they talk to someone about their ancestors but, having certain supplies on hand can be helpful.  During this step you will need to keep accurate notes of what you learn.  So a very basic supply is a good notebook.  You could even use a notebook that has sections in it any you can separate the book into families or generations.

Another part of speaking to family members is collecting information like old pictures or documents.  You can use a folder to keep these things in.  Or invest in a portable expanding file.  You are able to keep all of your documents separate and organized.  Remember that you need to keep track of the people in the photos or which documents belong to whom.  So, make sure you always have scrap paper and paperclips on hand.  By using paperclips you can write the information about the document or photo and keep them together.

Anyone involved in genealogy research needs to take preservation of records and information a priority, you will need to make copies of all the information you collect.  A scanner for the computer is a valuable resource.  With a scanner you can permanently keep the document on your computer and you can also print the document.  Printed documents are an alternative to use in family tree scrapbooks so that the original document does not get ruined.

The supplies needed for the first part of your genealogy research are easy things to come by.  After exhausting the option of gaining information by talking to family members, you will need to pursue other sources of information.  Most people turn to the internet and websites.  You may not think of a website as a supply but with genealogy, it does.  Most of the sites that are easy to use require a small fee.  Investing into these sites can make your job that much easier.  You can also look into investing into genealogy software to help you with your work.  With genealogy software you can now house and organize all of the pictures and documents that you may have scanned onto your computer.

Other genealogy supplies that are helpful would be templates of family trees.  Sometimes trying to create a family tree yourself is tricky.  You might want to hand out these documents to family and friends.  But it gets hard trying to fit all of the names and information of your relatives.  It also gets tricky trying to figure out who you should include.  Your great grandfather may have had five brothers and each of his brothers had five children.  Should all of this information be included?  Templates, forms or charts that you can print out from the internet will solve a lot of these problems for you.

Click to download Excel template:

Although genealogy does not require a lot of different supplies, it is the supplies that make your hunt for your family history easy and fun to do. Remember organization is key!

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