Top Insane Fashion Trends your Ancestors used to follow

Trends your Ancestors

Fashion is the Armor to Survive the Reality of Everyday Life – Bill Cunningham

And when we look at the pictures of our ancestors wearing vintage clothes and accessories, “beautiful” is what comes in our minds. But, are we all aware of the truth swathed under those mesmerizing pictures? We are here to uncover that truth.

Below fashion trends that your ancestors used to follow prove the term “fashion victim” and it’s not at all accidental.

Trend 1. Deadly Fabric Dyes

Red, blue, satin, black, and many others are the colors you can find in the market. But, back in time, there were only a few options to choose (blue, black, and white) from. And, the other colors were expensive and extremely deadly. Most of the dye colors used to contain arsenic and copper sulfate that definitely is dangerous to the person who would wear it. But a trend is a trend and people will do anything to stay trendy and maintain their class.

Trend 2.Toxic Crinoline

We all admire those princess ball dresses. But, the wearer had to pay a big amount of it. The heavy metal crinoline was full of uneasiness of getting stuck in the doorways. But something that was more dangerous than the metallic crinoline was the cloth that used to cover it. Women in the past noticed their dresses catching fire. And you can blame the crinoline for that cover.

Trend 3.Foot Binding

This horrifying tradition is from China. Young girl’s feet were bound by a strong rope like lace inside the shoe that would mold the natural shape of their feet. It was a symbol of noble families and high-class. Almost every girl used to follow this trend to attract the opposite gender until 1911 when it got banned. Women back then literally turned handicapped because of this so-called ‘lotus tradition.’ The most surprising aspect is that even though the tradition was forbidden, some women still managed to practice it and are still alive.

Trend 4.Rigid Collars

Uncomforted fashion wasn’t just limited to the women. It included men as well. In the 19th century, the trend of stiff collars was on the peak. Men used to attach the stiff collars to their shirts regardless of the heaviness, uneasiness, and pain. This accessory was so rigid that it caused blood circulation problem and asphyxia. And that’s why it was named “father killer.”

Trend 5.Ornate Hairstyle

You might have seen many toons and animations of women having a metaphorical hairstyle. Well, that was a trend during the Rococo movement. Women would add ornaments and other objects to their hairstyle and would wear them for several days. It didn’t just hair and skin tissues loss but also it led to bug and rodents nests inside the hair. For that reason, women used to walk and sleep wearing a huge metal cage.

Trend 6.Corsets

We all know how dangerous corsets could be. Nowadays, you can buy the leather corsets but do you know that the very first corset was made of metal? Then the manufacturers started to make wooden and then flexible whalebone corsets. It’s obvious that too much pressure would deform the skeleton and displace the organs. And that’s what the corsets did to our ancestors. Women use to wear them from their childhood and would not take off even during pregnancy. The worst example of a corset is the ‘snake corset’ that deformed spine shape.

Bonus – The Hilarious Knitted Underwear

We know it looks weird and painful to eyes, but men used to love wearing knitted underwear back then. All we can do is just pray that this trend stays in the vault forever.

Luckily many of these trends are banned and have been abandoned. So which trend was the worst in your perspective? Comment it below!

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