Want to know Everything about Genealogy? Follow this Guide!

Geneology Guide

Learning your family history is the key to unlock ‘Who You Are…’

Genealogy is mysterious and if you have decided to discover your ancestry this guide will be more than helpful. You might have heard stories about your ancestor being a warrior. What’s true what’s not can be found by taking a hand of a genealogist.

But, before you start your journey to the past, knowing everything about family tree is crucial.

So fasten up yourself and let’s begin this useful guide!

1. Do you Actually Need it?

The foremost step towards handling a Genealogy project is whether or not you want it. You might be wrong if you think that Genealogy ahs positive results always. You might either fall flat on your face or get a good start. So you must be prepared for the results. It’s not necessary that if your friend’s ancestry results are great then your result would be good too. You could be the decedent of a king or a criminal. So ensure if you are actually ready for it.

2. What’s Up with Genealogy & Heritage?

Genealogy is all about finding your family tree by searching everything through history. It was first used in the 14th century. Later, the family tree was depicted in painting form that you can see in many historical places and temples. Slowly, it attained worldwide popularity and everyone started to find their roots. That’s how Genealogy broadened in the past years and now is used for various purposes.

3. What are your Goals?

The crucial aspect to consider for genealogy is the ‘Motive.’ There could be numerous reasons to go for a family tree such as property possession, resolving a criminal case, etc. So while you are somewhere in the between of your genealogy process, evaluate whether or not it’s meeting your goal or how far you are from attaining the expected result.

4. Information Preservation

The pillar of Genealogy is the information. It could be some paper documents, pictures, or a word of mouth. So whatever information you gather, keep it safe and sorted until you reach the final step of your genealogy process. You can also record everything in a video so that not even single information is forgotten. Apart from finding where the ancestor lived, start finding their lifestyle, which could be a clue to your next information.

5. Re-Evaluate your Goals

Even if you have enough information and you feel like you are near to your goal, study the gathered information, and evaluate the goal all over again (in case of any changes). Of course, there nothing like ‘enough’ while you are researching. So never stop with just one or two information.

6. Look for More Information

Now that you have evaluated your motives, gather more and more information. The availability of gigantic information will help you connect the genealogy enigma. But don’t just grab anything you get. The information must be useful to attain your goals.

After knowing all of it, do you want to go for Genealogy? If your answer is yes, there are abundant family historians who have excellence and intellects to find your family tree.

So collaborate with such experts now!

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