White Supremacist discovers he has Sub Saharan African DNA!

Craig Cobb, white separatist has Sub Saharan African DNA

Over the long history of America there have been race relation issues. Unfortunately, not all the issues have been resolved. On August 12, 2017 the latest national racial trouble erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. In this city, white nationalist organizations were protesting the planned removal of a historic symbol. The symbol being a statue of a confederate general named Robert E. Lee.

On the day of the protest white supremacist protesters were met by counter protesters within Charlottesville, leading to violence between the two factions. During the confrontations, a vehicle was driven through the crowd. Unfortunately, one person died and several were injured.

These kinds of confrontations are not new to America but are needless because we are equal and can can find common ground in shared values. Also, despite differences in the outward appearance of races we might actually have more in common. A case in point is Craig Cobb, a renowned member of a white separatist group. Cobb, claims “my race is my religion” and believes white people should live in isolation from other races. In the past his attempts to create a white colony of sorts garnered much press attention.

Due to this infamy Cobb was invited to a make an appearance on a television show to espouse his views on racial separation. On the show, Cobb submitted himself for DNA testing. During the course of the show Cobb’s DNA test results were revealed in front of a live audience. The test results were shocking and very amusing to audience members. The DNA test revealed that Cobb has 86% European DNA and 14% sub-Saharan African ancestry.

Please watch the video below.


These test results demonstrate how connected we are as a human race. We have much more in common than meets the eye. This case illustrates that in a country such as America, the different races despite differing outward appearances might have common ancestors which offers yet another opportunity to bridge racial divides.

We are fortunate to have methods and tools to uncover our past and learn how interconnected we are. Through DNA testing and research we can build our family tree thus giving each of us an opportunity to uncover common ancestry. This will ultimately help us to connect to each other on a much deeper level. We all want acceptance, goodwill and community.

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