Why Genealogy Is Important in Today’s Era?

Genealogy can be seen as the hobby for many individuals who love to get a close understanding of families, family history, and tracing of their origins. Researchers who are interested in doing its study are known to be genealogists. Genealogists usually do oral interviews, genetic analysis, historical records, and other records to get information about any family and do some presentation of kinship and pedigrees of its representatives.

Few people may have a specific reason for doing the trace work of their family tree while others jump to family history research without thinking too much. Getting some idea of why people research their ancestors can be a point to be happy for many people and it can also be a great support for genealogists. Things that motivate the genealogy community are also useful in finding out the future direction of ancestral research. Genealogy is very important in today’s era as it can give you the reason to know about your family history.

Reasons Why Geneology Research Is Done-

Community and Religious Requirements–Genealogy is important for knowing about the community and religion of a family. In any communitarian society, any person can be identified by his father, mother or tribe. Family history is very crucial in performing some religious beliefs like some saints follow the baptism for the dead, and this makes them have faith in the ritual and they engage in family history research.

Medical Interest-

Few people want to know about their ancestors, and this makes them research their heritage. This tells them about their family histories and they also know about their family’s lost members for e.g., separation from family through divorce, death or other cases. Individuals know who they are and where they grew from with some extra knowledge of their hereditary diseases in their family history.

Establishing Identity-

Establishing identities like royal families keep their genealogies for establishing their right to rule and determine who will be the next sovereign. It has been known that Genealogy is a source of political and social status for them.

Forensic or Legal Research-

Genealogy is also done to know about forensic and legal research. Lawyers can involve in probate cases and can do the genealogy to find the successor of the property. Geneology is also helpful for agents as they can perform genealogical research using DNA evidence to identify the victims of homicides or killers of crimes.

Scholar Research-

They is also a major reason for which Genealogy is done. Generally, historians and geneticists do the genealogical research for getting a better sense of a particular topic in their respective fields. Professional genealogists use the art of genealogy to earn money for researching individuals. They get paid by publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals.

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