Why Your Ancestor’s Family Tree is not The Same as Your Family Tree

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Your ancestral pedigree, if you are lucky or diligent (or both!) can contain hundreds, even thousands of names and can go back countless generations. You can add as many collateral lines as you want. You can count on several sources to your genealogy research, and these days you can even add media, including pictures and copies of the actual documents. Every time someone gets married or a newborn baby is born, you can add that to your genealogy chart. In short, there is no end to the amount of ancestral information that can make up your pedigree chart.

Not so for your ancestor’s pedigree.

Your ancestor’s pedigree contains only those ancestors for whom you have received some of their DNA. You do not have DNA from all of your great ancestors.

When you don’t have DNA from your bloodline

Geneology4u can help you in calculating that the average generation in which you start to see that you have inherited zero blocks of DNA from a bloodline it’s about seven. But most of us aren’t trying to figure out how much of our DNA we received from great great great grandfathers now Geneology4u is here to help you in the finding of ancestor’s history that will help you in protecting from various genetics disorders.

This Ancestor’s family research always not matching up accurately with your traditional family tree also manifests itself in your ethnicity results, though there are other reasons for discrepancies there as well. Visit Geneology4u now to know more about why ethnicity results may not match. We have great expertise is family lineage and projects are also very impressive Enroll geneology4u know’

In short, this genetics stuff is not a stand-alone tool, but if you combine it with your traditional resources, it can be a very powerful tool for verifying and extending your family history. Remember, just because a sibling doesn’t show a match in genetics, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a DNA connection! DNA research and primary sources can still prove connections even if genetics doesn’t show it.

Thus it is mandatory to know more about DNA of your bloodline to protect yourself from the hazardous genetics disorders.

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